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A SATURN PLUTO true story

Quite recently a close friend of mine, at barely thirty years of age,received a grim diagnosis of an advanced fatal illness for which there was no remedy.

At one point right while redecorating his home one evening he collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. The medical staff at the time doubted he would make it through the night.

The next morning early I rushed to the hospital and timidly approached his room, fearing what I would find.

To my great surprise there was Ken, sitting up in a chair and having pancakes and bacon for breakfast.
“Ken!” I exclaimed in and mixture of joy and shock. “Last night they said you…”

“Michael, » he interrupted, « Have you forgotten? I AM A CAPRICORN! »
Then proudly he added, « Do you think I would actually leave an apartment half-painted?“

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Oh, my goodness.
I just laughed my pants off.
And, knowingly checked off all my Capricorn friends who are same/same

glad he’s ok
and – no – can’t leave ANYTHING uncompleted….

thank you ML

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