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A Course in Astrology, AN INTRODUCTION



We are going to handle this course the way we all have learned a language – – by seeing, listening, hearing and communicating. We will try to have as little boring memorizing as possible. For one thing, we are all at different levels and approaches, methods, theories and of course prejudices, so in this course you are opting for my particular vision among about a jillion others.

But you must be interested in my particular approach to want to embark upon this journey with me for which I am deeply grateful. But we’re going to do this course in an unusual way. It’s not going to be linear so you should probably have a folder to refer back-and-forth to as events come up, go out and come back again. This will be in the form of text, images, audio and video, and any other medium that might come up that helps demonstrate vividly the ideas I wish to convey.

I am asking at the outset that you respect the copyright and not reproduce any of the material without my permission or the permission of those who represent my interests. That said, we’re going to have a lot of fun. I remember when I was a kid, I would lie out on the grass around the beach and summer and wish I could speak a language so everyone everywhere I could understand and talk to me and me them. I did speak English, French and Spanish at an early age. Later on I added Italian and a little German and I did pretty well in Russian. I did not continue my third year Russian in undergraduate school, mainly because the class conflicted with “As The World Turns” and “The Guiding Light.” These were my two favorite can’t miss soap operas at the time. Looking back now I see that the titles of those shows also referred to diurnal planetary motion of primary directions and the power of the solar chart.

Once I discovered astrology, Bingo! At last. A language everyone can understand everywhere, which, ironically as luck would have it, takes only a lifetime or 10 to master. When did I know I was going to be an astrologer? I was totally wrapped up in writing a weird, psychedelic novel, when I had only plastic and styrofoam food and the shelves of my fridge. So you can just imagine the rest. I was completely and totally overwhelmed and bludgeoned by the blinding brilliance of the inescapable truth of astrology. Reading everything I could get my hands on, I was tortured by it, escaping it, slamming the books closed, coming back to it like a hungry addict. I was afraid it would ruin my life is a novelist, screenwriter and entertainer.

And one beautiful summer day, on the corner of 72nd St. and York Avenue in Carol Cowan’s Volkswagen, I knew that was it: for better or worse, for richer or poorer in sickness and in health – – astrology. My astrologer friend‘s David didn’t ask or his voice rang in my head “sooner or later you’re going to have to accept the truth of astrology. . . or give it up. “

Congratulations. Felicitations. Buena suerte!  You’re preggers with astrology for the rest if your life.


And I have.

An astrological education can add a dimension and immeasurable depth to your understanding of human behavior, provide insight into your relationships, straighten your own head out, and show you the cycles before and after they happen.

But you need to always to increase your awareness on the level of regular living as well. Translating every incident and every event into an astrological definition and finding a planetary reason or explanation for every event in life may be common to do, but narrowing and ultimately will drive you further away from being a whole, functioning, participating human being.

Next question:

What about financial survival and prosperity?

I’d love to say I sold my body on the street to make a living, but everyone knows that if I ever tried that I probably have to give the clients change. So I scraped and struggled, in the beginning I went on game shows and TV did a little weird jobs to keep it together. As time went on I knew I wasn’t fit for anything but astrology. To deepen my knowledge I spent the next 25 years being trained in commutative, psychoanalytic, psychotherapy, and following eastern philosophy.

I would advise anyone who wants to have an astrological practice to get as much clinical training as possible. Develop other media and avenues where astrology can be a functional instrument, such as finance, physical or psychological therapy, the arts etc. Better yet keep your day job! Which brings me to the third point:


It’s a calling. It is a “ministry” of a certain type – – not at all a cultish, obsession with getting others to “believe” in astrology.

After you’ve read everything you can, read studied everything you can, study taking classes, listened to lectures, observed other points of view, looked into authors from the present, to the past in the ancient past, study different types of astrology and philosophy–examine other avenues, when and if you are ever ready to dedicate your livelihood to astrology in whole or part, remember this:

It is a dedication to the relieving of suffering and the bringing of joy to other beings. If that is not your primary goal, go into fashion or finance.  But it could be a tremendously fabulous adventure.


Copyright Michael Lutin 2020

 This material may not be copied or used in any medium existing now or in future formats for any reason, without the express permission of Michael Lutin or his representatives

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Thank you Michael. Looking forwards 🙏


Haha, you clever thing. Humanity really made a mistake when they downgraded Pluto didn’t they. It was you who cracked this door for me maybe 15 years ago with your ridiculously clear voice and “language”. Not surprising I found this post today when I have accepted my calling. Interesting times ahead

When I was nine, my grandmother’s hairdresser asked me my birth date and told me I’m a Scorpio. Then she handed me a fortune-telling book by Cornelius Agrippa called “A Ladies’ Oracle” and said I would enjoy it. Now I’m 52 and too have spent a lifetime on the “tremendously fabulous adventure” known as studying astrology and all methods of divination, to try and understand this insanity called life. It is my passion and my obsession and I thank you for sharing your lifetime’s wisdom with us.

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