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Said  about “our adversaries” by Air Force Chief of Staff David Goldfein, “  I think that the fact we’re having a national debate on space is really healthy,” Goldfein said. “We’re the best in the world in space and our adversaries know it. They’ve been studying us and they’ve been…

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          ON WORLD NEWS: Election  2020 USA: A prediction Last Kicks of Uranus ON HUMANS RISING Chapter 6     TIME

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14 Feb: Last Kicks of Uranus in Aries + Chiron leaving Pisces

It ain’t over yet.  Where your new life will overlap the old.  The point at which new opportunities meet your unresolved issues. But next week it’s still all about where Aries falls in you horoscope, and why Saturn is the key. Yes, big changes are coming. Options not yet revealed will…

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13 Feb: US ELECTION 2020: weird prediction

With south node currently on Saturn’s position  on 3 nov 2020,  the insanity leading up to that day will rival a ravenous pack of hyenas attacking a lion.  Around human lunch time, however, as Mercury from retrograde goes direct,  the tide will turn and the outcome, until then in utter…

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13 Feb: Laugh all you want to

But there are many levels of truth that often seem avsolutely nuts till years later, when they turn out to be accurate metaphors.

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26 Jan: Joke’s on us!

The massive  deception being perpetrated on men, women, children and your little dog, too, one certainly too stupefying to metabolize, by those who have convinced themselves they know best and believe they can insulate themselves from the consequences,is all too real. Ave Maria. So hope you enjoy the new YOU.

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26 Jan: Can Venus Jupiter keep it from getting ugly?

When Moon Mars Pluto (crossing its Node)are configured with Venus and Jupiter in the Sky above our heads, on Earth notice a steel hand operating in a red velvet glove. And thank the stars for that.   As the two strong benefic planets, the positivity of Venus and Jupiter  can…

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