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09 Dec: Suppose you’re the head of the family under pressure

But if you’re the head of the family or trying to manage an enormous operation like a corporation or even a country. Suppose you were charged with the responsibility of keeping an operation running smoothly, got credit for the successes and blasted to smithereens for anything that went wrong. What…

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05 Dec: How dare you!

And just exactly what do you mean I’m exactly where I should be right now considering my all my choices to this point? 

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29 Nov: We are already at war

Now all we have to do is face it, figure out who is fighting whom, and even more crucial, exactly Who is the we we are  talking about. The battle is ruthless, the prize unclear and alliances switching too swiftly to count on any faction for long. It’s the chaos…

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28 Nov: Sienkiewicz’s novel

In addition to “quo vadis” the question to put to yourself privately as 2018 comes to a close,  it is also the name of a novel written by a Polish author about the reign of Nero and 64 AD and the rise of Christianity at the same time.  The novel,which was…

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22 Nov: When Jupiter disposes of the Sun….

When Jupiter becomes the dispositor of the Sun, the situation, whatever it has been, IMPROVES. For this you must be grateful, and not start bitching and moaning because maybe not every single horrible thing in your life magically went poof! and vanished. We are all in a process we can’t fathom…

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19 Nov: Get Michael Lutin’s Chiron Lecture on us!

Greetings loyal Lupovici Members! As a special gift to you Michael’s Chiron: The Search for the Authentic Self lecture, given at this year’s annual NCGR-NYC chapter is offered to you without cost as a thank you.  All you have to do is enter in this code near the bottom of…

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