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Welcome to the New Moon in Pisces

12-13 march 2021
Dark Moon in pisces approaches lunation at 23 pisces
When the moon is approaching the sun in Pisces it’s in its darkest days. This usually we know lasts a couple of days. When you are at your most psychic and able to access information, future predictions, spiritual insight and a great universal love for all creatures great and small.
But you’re definitely in a strange psychological space-time dimension.

You’re able to see things other people cannot see and hear things other people cannot hear.

You are aware that while you cannot solve all the big problems whirling around you, you have to take it all in and let it all be processed in its own time.

Otherwise it can be a horrible big overwhelming jumble.

You have to just surrender or pray or hope for a miracle, because that is exactly what Pisces is all about:
I surrender to the Infinite Will
Dedicate myself especially for the Greater Good.

Forgiving all those who have trespassed against you can be so liberating and gratifying, at least on paper. But in reality it is sometimes really difficult to open your heart to the heartless,
although in the end that is the greatest gift you could ever give your self :kindness to others.
That is the real healer and you can notice a switch right away as the Moon passes to its nourishing point with the sun in Pisces between the 12th and 13 March 2021.
It’s illumination is almost magical as it is nourished by the Sun’s warmth and light.
And then… as it begins moving further away on its monthly journey, this year it also gains distance
from the memories of 2020.
The Moon gets replenished.
Tragedy recedes the background.
The pain or loss of rejection sustained in Saturn Pluto conjunction Capricorn seems lessened, and the Mind is allowed to forget.

So welcome to the Sun conjunction Moon at 23 degrees Pisces with love in my heart and the gratitude of being carried forward on the tide of the great ocean of existence.
I wish everybody well
( This is me in a really good mood.)
( The pic is me at sixteen performing at my first show. I was in a good mood and deeply in love that night too.)

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