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The Moon’s Nodes: the astrology of being happy

 An astrologer colleague once asked me if I had only five minutes to read a horoscope would I I include the NODES .
Without a moment’s hesitation I answered, “Are you kidding? If I had only five minutes To do a chart, I’d read ONLY the nodes.”
if you want to read the most intensely, graphically, practical, accurate and horrifyingly funny tome on the Moon’s Nodes
It only took me 20 years to write, but I’m proud to say it’s so on the money it’ll touch you in your deepest being, But it won’t leave you stranded there.

The book should be read twice the first time from your Sun point of you the second from your rising sign point of view, using the whole sign houses.
You’ll love it so much you will probably read it a third time from the Placidus point of view.
Simon and Schuster is the publisher,
I think you have to go directly to them at this point or to Amazon. If you have no luck there I think I have some left.
I swear it’s a ride you be happy to have taken.