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Hello Beautiful world of people

I am well. I am grateful.I am coming back with the tulips. Everybody rejoice. What a trip through the darkness. May Light continue to illuminate my path so I can continue to bring joy where there was sorrow.thanks to all those who prayed and wished me well. Your prayers worked.

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Thank goodness ☺️

Theresa Ann Hannah

we have missed you michael!! be safe ,be well:)

Oh good! So glad to hear, Michael.

Prayer hands and smile.

Glorious….Much Love…

So happy your better ❤️

Dear Michael ~ This is very good news, I was feeling something was wrong. I prayed for your health, thank you for your strength. Recover fully. Love the tulips 🌷

Well I wish I had known you were in the darkness. I would have sent light and love. Glad to hear you are on the other side (figuratively, not literally).
Welcome back to the crazy, messed up world of 2022.

Damn Michael, I am so grateful you are feeling better. Please take care of yourself.
Love and prayers

So glad to hear that you are well. Or at least better and on the way to recovery! Now stay that way and please don’t give us any more scares!

I am glad to hear that you are doing better. You have no idea how much insight and happiness you have brought to others through what you do. I have never been able to afford a reading with you, but I have been able to purchase all of your books, and I subscribed to Vanity Fair (cancelled when they cancelled you) just so I wouldn’t miss your monthly horoscope. I am sure there are millions of people like me whose lives you have touched in very meaningful ways even though they have never met nor spoken to you. Never forget how much you are loved and respected from afar!

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