2017 June

29 Jun: Staying aware

Staying aware of the impermanence of all things is such a help. Otherwise leading up to this cardinal square Full Moon could be kinda stressful.

26 Jun: Shocking to say the least!

The commercial minced no words, especially for television. “Get this Mop today, “the voice over guy urged excitedly. “A lot of shit is just about to come out all over the place! And now back to our program.”

24 Jun: Both lights in Cancer? Easy.

Can the yakking,
sweep out your space,
then cuddle.


19 Jun: Don’t just lay there.

We know you’ve been pushed to the edge.

Take a break. Go read the weekly.  Then  DO SOMETHING.


18 Jun: Next week in review

Elderly man in a hospital bed, his head on the pillow facing right and his eyes are closed

Don’t stay in bed.

Check out the weekly

18 Jun: Next week in review

First of all, there is no news. Ever. We keep combing through the haystack, searching for the needle before we dare sit down. What’s gonna happen today, tomorrow, the next…

17 Jun: Pay no attention to this post

Pay no attention to the clown. He was hired just to warm up the crowd.

17 Jun: The retrograde station of Neptune

Tendency to see God /get drunk and marry a bellhop in Vegas

To feel strangely paralyzed, to be possessed by love, to persist without knowing why, to be powerless to resist, to be moved to act by an inspired and unshakeable belief, to be caught in an attempt to escape, to embrace a mission despite doubt or evidence to the contrary, to be dedicated to realize a dream or fantasy, to become pathologically obsessed with filling a void, to fear that something you desperately think you need to fulfill you may be taken away, To be led so far into escape from reason that the tool of ecstasy becomes the implement of destruction.


To wake up sober, go cold turkey and live out the promise you were born to fulfill

Actually It’s not just A
And It’s definitely not just B.
It’s a balance of both.

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