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What A Plot Twist

Copyright 2017 Michael Lutin
All rights reserved
If only the whole human race could read this:
What a plot twist!
What an amazing, byzantine, serpentine, educational, emotionally charged ritual initiation on matters of love, image and creativity we have just all been put through:
Culminating with Venus over 28° of Leo, the eclipse point, the events of August 2017 will remain imprinted in our minds and hearts for many years to come.
It sheds light on your personal search, whether you were aware of it or not, for a serious, real and honest intimate connection.
And it deeply grabs every one of us.
The Universe presents at this time a twist of events that will take guts to process.
It will, however, lead to a new beginning.
If you have been able to express yourself from the heart, but had different Expectations for an outcome, take heart.
You are rising to a new level of creative and emotional authenticity,
despite the present situation.
It’s the ember in the ashes for toasting your marshmallow, remember?
Understand that
separation is often involved.
It signifies Deep Love, but with inevitable parting as people must go their separate ways.
It can be a new birth.
Great Love can persist, but on a new level or in another dimension.

The lesson of 28 degrees Leo is still the same: it’s not about getting loved, but loving. Keeping in mind that nothing is forever, you need to be grateful when even the briefest happiness comes your way.
This was the north node eclipse, so remember: Be the grownup here.

The astrology of it:
A symbolic superior conjunction between Transiting Moon and Venus over previously held zodiacal position of Sun in total eclipse, configured with transiting Uranus and Chiron, can trigger primal emotions going all the way back in time to the intimacy (or lack of it)
you sought from your own mother. And that can impact your ability to connect deeply with other human beings and animals all throughout your life.
This eclipse has awakened your attempt to express your most primal emotional needs.
As we have been saying all through this process, if you come from the heart, whatever joy, pain or hurt you experience, Venus and the Universe bring you what you need at the time. Nothing lasts forever, but if you can proudly stand up on the stage and strut your pride in your own inner beauty,
you achieve a moment of greatness that will fuel your trip to your future.

How do you want This movie to end?
Remember, What matters is that you’ve shown true feeling.
So instead of getting all “Mrs. Bates! Mrs. BATES? Mrs. BATES?”– Psycho

Or ,”Love means never having to say you’re sorry”, –Love Story
“Mama, I’m sorry. Please forgive me! Mama? Mama, I love you. I’m sorry!” –Imitation Of Life

Or even Scarlett’s inspiring,
“After all, tomorrow IS another day”…

If you’re having any difficulty with the Venus effect on the eclipse,
Watch this great healer:


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What more could one aspire to have than to love
Or to have been loved
Remember the” better to have loved and lost than never loved at all”
Or quoting Gretzky
You miss100% of
The shots you never take.

I’m going to watch that video every day for the rest of my life and there after.

I want to smoke what you’re smoking….

Thank you for this, Michael. Painful as it is for me, and true (OMG, How did you know?!), it is exactly what I needed to hear in this moment. I am sure it is a healing message that will touch many others, as well. Bless you.

Thank you for that wonderful explanation! It all makes sense now in so many ways

This clip is not only a healer, but also birth giving to a new avatar

The only constant is change – this has been a big, unexpected one – thank you eclipse – feeling alive again !

🙁 You were always the best astrology site. Now you don’t have the signs split up anymore? I loved that. I don’t know if I can frequent you anymore. I guess if you’re after money, then you don’t care that I’m gone. I’d like to stay, but there’s nothing for me here anymore.

Thank you so much. I have the Moon at 28 Leo conj. Pluto at 26. Also, my ruling planet Jupiter is conj Uranus at 25 Cancer opp Chiron at 28 Cap. This is being squared by the transiting Jup-Ur opp. Also, tr. Pluto is conj. my Sun at 20 Cap. Time to get it all out!

This was the best! so fun 🙂 Thank you

Fabulous Mikey – thank you so much for this. Dancing is pure joy!

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