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What a week what a sky

When planetary forces of Fire and Earth and Water and Air
Must be blended together at one time, life seems both more maddeningly chaotic and hysterically funny than usual, as many cosmic energies compete for dominance.
You cannot draw just a simple sketch with a pen and say “this is life.”
First of all we have to consider the Chiron-Neptune position alone in Water sign Pisces, which presents an undercurrent throughout the whole world, deep down in all human and animal consciousness– – a paradox of emotional intensity and attitude between unswerving faith in divine guidance and utterly tragic futility.
The Venus/North Node-Saturn-Uranus-Leo-Sagittarius-Aries configuration, on the other hand, represents the part of you, me and all of us that gleefully throws oil on every flame, like the communal effort of a bunch of emotional pyromaniacs.
It revels in and enjoys the frenetic rhythm of the dance, and adds competitive fuel to every relationship. It loves and adores the pure danger of adventure. It finds a thrill in Jeopardizing stability, challenging security and mischievously pushing the envelope.
Jupiter and the South Node in Air signs Libra and Aquarius will add spectacular color, wide screen perspective, speculative dimensions of thinking and injects romantic and amorous elements into every single relationship and activity.
The joy of being politely seductive and naughty, keeps beveling edges and thus contains any conflict from becoming a total nuclear catastrophe.
The Earth part of you symbolized by the Mercury-Mars-Pluto-Virgo-Capricorn mix does everything humanly possible to continue functioning, preserve stability and security and still stay close to the steady, the known and the secure.
Throw in some more elements such as asteroids and newly discovered planets we don’t understand yet, and you get a better idea of the state of the world right now, not to mention what’s going on in your own little head.
So It’s not a picture you can look at without saying, “What the hell is this supposed to be?”
You need to stretch your understanding, throw away your notions of what is figurative reality and embrace an in comprehensible whole as part of a greater Universal Experience.
It’s got to play out.

Thnx albright-knox

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how true and well said

My Orange always blue
Red dragging yellow
Green wiggling with the wind;who frightens with icy breaths
But keeps it moving and fresh
Anxiety plays fickle
With me as seasonal
Shifting wins
For me friends like you
Feel best;write on dude!

The concept of beveling edges is concise and accurate. Thank you for your continuing insights.

Damn fine read of “things”

Love the new format. You always get the undercurrents spot on- and put words to the subconscious thoughts and feelings that we all experiencing, but which most of us have difficulty articulating. Thank you Mikey!

Michael, your the best!

Ha, what big antennas! :–)

or as the French might put it,
***** to the thirteenth power!

I am completely gob smacked by your laser-like accuracy and insight this last several weeks!!!
Takes my breath away!!

Thank you, Michael.

Divine eloquence, Mickey. Straight from source through a most worthy vehicle of expression. Hermes is beaming with delight!

Rebecca (Becky) Ferrell

Mikey, the new site was well worth the wait and effort. It’s top drawer: designed well and attractively, aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and it portrays you and your expertise in a superior professional manner. The visual of movement in the entry graphic is novel, clever and appealing. I felt as if I had been invited into your inner sanctum to relax and talk with you. Go Michael!!!

yes, it is all happening at once, until it changes to a different kaleidoscope picture, thankyou Michael Lutin for your lucid translation of planetary expression! from an avid surveyor of energy, Linda Keaford

Carefully crafted words…always pulling the rabbit out of the hat to explain utter confusion.
Your genius in doing this feat earns you a special place at the astrology table indeed.

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