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October: have you received your benefits?

There will probably be more than one monthly message this month

Jupiter and Expectation in the monthly horoscope for each sign

It is widely believed that it is only the departure of a planet from a Sign that truly defines and produces its full influence. Jupiter always promises advancement, increase, growth and general good fortune, but does it always live up to its promise?
It does provide options and novel ways around situations no matter how complex or problematic.
Three factors must be considered, however: 1) The strength, power and position of its transit, 2)The strength, power, position and condition of your own natal Jupiter, and 3) how much you tend to confabulate, inflate and inject magical thinking because of your own hopes and wishes regardless of the facts.

Let us look at this passage of Jupiter and usher it out of the sign of libra. Of course it’s going into Scorpio, soon, but it’s not there yet. In this case you have to greet October the new month with the discriminating vision of your life’s improvement over the last several months .
Yes or no. It flavors the whole month and  is the harbinger of what comes next.

Aries and Rising
We all know how thrilled you are to be as independent as you are. You’re not about to give up any freedom that you had to fight for, and your liberty is truly precious. It’s a heady feeling to come and go as you please without checking in are asking permission. But come on now. Tell the truth. Isn’t it nice to know that somebody is there? It doesn’t have to be anything totally serious or heavy, or even romantic. It could just be a hand to hold once in a while or being able to buy two lamb chops for dinner instead of just one lonely one.
Have you touch the good side of companionship?


Taurus and Rising
With the Economy wobbling the way it is, and people losing their jobs right and left, those who remain in the work force shouldn’t bitch about the rat race. Your own employment situation should have seen a marked improvement. If so, be grateful.Not only in material ways, either. It is normal during these periods to meet individuals who support your goals, admire your skills and help you toward mastery.
Good health, which depends on the condition of your usually strong body and your personal habits, should be on the upswing. It should be helping you eat better, although your appetite is a whole other problem.

Gemini and Rising
A love affair is not a marriage, as one cynic has recently reported. “Marriage is the best cure for romance.” Jupiter in the fifth house is not always a Hollywood thing. It is however, one moment when you open your heart and feel generous and expressive. You don’t hold back your feelings, and you’re actually rewarded for your warmth, hospitality and your talent for making other people feel comfortable. Whether or not you can sustain that sort of feeling in a long-term relationship has certainly been one hell of a test.

Cancer and Rising
All the hype we read about Cancers and how they love cooking from scratch, and sitting around in cozy pajamas playing cards with family members… That’s maybe once every three months. Although something like that recently has probably come very close to being true, at least  what you would like to be true. If you have nurtured such intimacy over the years you’re going to be  rewarded now with Jupiter so strong in the fourth house.
Even if most of your brood have emigrated from the mall to the moon, you’ve got a nice roof over your head and at least one person to keep score with.

Leo and Rising

Communicating more lovingly gets you so much further than an angry Confrontation made with a condescending attitude which you know Leo is highly capable of. Not only in business but just think how much better you can relate to your own siblings or associates.
A positive attitude is useful in every situation. Even when work presents insurmountable problems or you’re dealing with complex health issues.  Putting your head in a good place opens the door to greater mobility and presents ways around every situation. Hasn’t that been the case already?

Virgo and Rising

It’s not usually a Virgo who hits the six numbers on the lottery, but even you have to agree that your money situation is looking up. The planet Uranus still in your eighth house always increases unexpected debt you think will overwhelm you. You’re still however living a pretty good lifestyle, and if you keep it up you’re sure to balance out the equation in your favor.
Remember that last year you ran into that miserable 2016 eclipse square Saturn, so before you start moaning compare this October to last–at least financially.

Libra and Rising

Considering the ups and downs you have had in relationships, plus the struggles to find a safe, comfortable spot to wiggle your fanny in, you remain astoundingly optimistic. The members of  your sign are not always the sacharine, simpering sycophants their critics accuse them of being.
You do try to remain civil, though, even when your impulse is to strangle someone. In your attempt to find emotional security and companionship you have learned the old saying about flies, honey and vinegar.

Scorpio and Rising

We are talking here how about a real, honest-to-goodness miracle. Scorpios are usually running around pulling the curtain back to see what the trick is, or what the damned miracle is going to cost.
With a 12th house Jupiter, however, you receive something odd to like a kiss on the cheek while you’re sleeping from a beloved, departed relative. If you’re more comfortable thinking of it as a random act of kindness on the part of an equally random Universe, or just a stroke of good luck because you eat health food, by all means do. What remains is the fact that you have been blessed. Period.

Sagittarius and Rising

Saturn through any sign is tough. Facing yourself on deep levels and having to take responsibility for everything that has happened and where  you Are right now takes guts. Thank God you are able to slip into denial when you need to just for survival. Beyond that however, your humanity always surfaces at the right moments. And no matter how far down you have had to sink this year personally and psychologically, the people around you – – friends and associates are still there when you’re ready to come out of your cave and come back to life. I’ve always said with Jupiter is your ruler Sadges get away with risky acts  normal folks wouldn’t dare try .

Capricorn and Rising

It is not easy to take advantage of any or all professional opportunities that come your way as much as you may enjoy or be grateful for.
Slow and often agonizing transits of Pluto through your sign can alienate or separate you from most people and renders it difficult to relate to anybody.
You are just too far into your own head right now and coping with unimaginable truth. Domestically it’s so chaotic, so half the time you can forget about sleeping.
Although you have to be ultimately in control of the major decisions  to be made now, a culminating Jupiter places competent advisors in your path. If you’re working,  career is in a good space,even if you doubt it all and you probably do.

Aquarius and Rising

With your planetary ruler in the third house, it’a double life. Although you could still capriciously change your mind or direction every five minutes,  you’re always looking for solid ground. But…you still love your own spontaneous mind. When, however, thanks to Jupiter, you are able to listen to people who actually know more than you do, you get a completely other side of the story and are able to think more rationally and  act less rashly. The ability to always be willing to learn will take you places you have never been as you have already seen.

Pisces and Rising

Whether you’re 17 or 97, One thing about Pisces: they never lose their glamorous magnetism. Not that you will always act on it. And certainly not that you will always be able to. But this transit of Jupiter in the eighth house has shown you, yeah, you still got it. Got it?  We shouldn’t  have to explain what that means. You already know. On an earthly level, the 8th Jupiter  sometimes signifies beneficiaries of wills and lawsuits and the receipt of generosity of the very wealthy. Abd to be hot, too!

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Truly, thank you for this. As a Scorpio (with Scorpio rising) I needed to hear something good as so much bad has happened, even the hope of good is a precious gift. Thank you for the personal sign horoscope and the time you put into your messages.

My financial situation IS so much better than it was last year. It really seems now looking back that Jupiter in libra really was about increasing the literal wealth in my life. It’s weird but the fact that Jupiter was in my solar 2nd house kind of escaped my field of vision but there’s no doubt I’m in a much better place financially. And I’m looking forward to doing more 🙂

Thanks Mikie! I needed to hear something positive . I’ve been a suffering Scorpio, going through a divorce with a greedy spouse.

Taurus Asc, Leo Sun

Thank you Michael for this new site! This monthly hits home. It gives me hope that the end of this year will see a turning tide. I lost my best friend right before sending my daughter to college, then endured hurricane Irma.
❤️, Taurus rising, Leo sun

Scorpio going through the final degrees of Sag, part of a Saturn return for the second time. Sag sun. Hand feeding your 94 yr old father waiting on death. Months going by. Tick tock. This teaches you to wait. You are not in control.

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