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The departure of Saturn ’17


the meaning and message of its presence comes sharply into focus.
Pending matters are attended to. Resolutions of long-standing issues seem to come out of nowhere, when actually the soup has been bubbling and simmering in the cauldron for months.
Saturn formally leaves Sagittarius just before Christmas, but you should put plans into motion and look forward to coming change.
Saturn in Sadge presents not only its usual opportunities for growth , otherwise known as grief, delay and pains in the ass, but in Sadge. Options and ingenious ways to solve problems, even if your can no longer procrastinate and deny
Problems that beg to be solved.
It is now when the options and opportunities begin to bud, all depending of course on how well you have paid attention and done your research and above all learned a few major lessons.
That’s the ticket with Saturn in Sagittarius. We start off thinking we know it all. We end up humbly grateful for our ability to learn.

For more on this and how it affects each Sign and Rising Sign

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Yeah! And here comes Capricorn! Are we still laughing!

Sag here speaking to Capricorn. Get ready for the launch!

Where is the August monthly?? I’m lost on new site

Please tell me we don’t have to buy everything from this point out 🙁

i have to pay now for my monthly sign astrology????

This new website, …uh, I don’t know. Makes me want to offer my professional IT expertise gratis.

I’m another longtime follower (living in LA) and love the site, as do the fans I know… Why must you be such a troll? This is a new site and people are excited about it, do you like sucking the life out of every party you attend? Anyway, EVERYone thinks they know how to code… But you have no links and apparently no reel, so I doubt you have the skills you claim. Anyway back to what I came here for… The goods!!! Great site and please keep up the great work Michael! We love you.

Site looks beautiful aesthetically but very glitchy (on my phone at least).

I’m a Capricorn with Sag rising. Lucky me! More Saturn all the time forever! *blah* Pluto & Neptune can take a flying leap too! When the heck do the LOVE planets ever visit???

I’m with you, Susan!

So happy to see your back. Although with my bad eyes I can’t read the white font in the light background. 😞

The new site looks great, Mikey.

But it’s still not going to keep the STS ET’s from coming to get you when they’re ready.

I love your how new site looks. I’m having trouble finding my monthly horoscope. I’m not sure if I just can’t find it or if this is now a paid for service? I LOVE your monthly horoscopes!

did you get an answer ? I cannot seem to find the monthly horoscope , and I used to love it, but I have not checked in awhile ….

loving the new site so much!!!!!

wait, I meant webSIGHT

Hi Micheal – site looks great from downunder. x

except for my spelling of your name 🙁

No more pisces horoscope? Guys, the only other site that is nearly as good that I found, but not quite as Michael Lutin and still offers a free horoscope for your particular sign are the astro twins. Look em up. Sad to see that the individual horoscopes are gone. With change comes loss I guess! maybe he’s just tired of working for free. I get it. Have fun with the new paying customers! I paid once, but I can’t be expected to pay for every single time I want a horoscope!

I have scorpio asc but 4 planets in Cap. My husband also has 4 planets in cap. I am so sick of this. Cringing is an understatement on Saturn coming back our way. I want an astrology disaster insurance plan!

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