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The first 10 days of October

How difficult indeed it is to be reminded that duty must come before pleasure.
The value of this monthly message for October underscores the need to maintain a buoyancy and optimistic view of your life in the face of sone pretty grim facts.
And Reality can be harsh.

Jupiter’s preparation for departure from Libra occurs simultaneously with the double square of Venus and Mars to Saturn as we approach 10 october.


It takes guts to face and acknowledge sobering truths when you are being reminded of the cold facts of life. We’re told to “Take the high road” and remain true to our commitments, honor our oaths and live according to strict codes of morality and conduct.

But we are human beings with cravings and aversions. We want what we want when we want it, and when  thwarted from desires and and blocked from escapes, we do go a little crazy.

Repression of natural instincts for love and attention can be as self-destructive as profligate self-indulgence, and it can lead to seething anger and agonizing hurt.

Now as we are all being tested by the Laws of Man and Nature, I suggest you reread the monthly in these first ten days of October.
This is been coming from first five months of this year thanks to the dance of Venus and Mars and Saturn. They have all caught up with each other once again this time for real.
Can love prevail?


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Of course LOVE CAN PREVAIL!!! Hard work,but well worth it, is the only way.

Hard work? That’s Saturn talking!
Just love, all else will take care of itself!

All there is that can be manifest is love. We are the product of the intentional love of our creative source.

Can we prevail?
Only through love…

And to hell with that pecker head anyway!

It will

thx michael
love always will !!!
and i don‘t need such another year ➡️
„a not her year“, pleeeease 😀
warmest regards

libra: feeling fall, not as intense as i use to but the change is good for our mind and bodies. we are after all walking clocks.

After how many times can love prevail? I think after a few times it gives up and the mind takes over. Leo here having a hard time with that trying to give up on someone for good even though my heart says no but realizing sometimes love is not enough.

What would be the Routes out to to work with Venus Mars and Saturn can we balance Venus with using the attributes of the sign it’s in, as well as Mars, and work with or shall say comply with Saturn in doing the work of rolling up our sleeves and allowing new commitment to take place in a new fresh approach?

Thank you, Michael, for this profound message. I am feeling every word you wrote and am so grateful for the centering you help provide. As a Capricorn, I don’t live in a world where love always prevails, and so I appreciate the wisdom and compassion of your Web site.

I want love, I need love, I love love !
Pisces/Pisces 🐠 🐟

I can’t believe how spot on you are! Life changing events right in front of my eyes. I can say that your narratives make it easier to sort out what, how, and when things went wrong, and not to blame, but just to understand the influences, the chemistry, physics, and dynamics of of all. You certainly have the gift of interpretation.

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