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Probably your greatest asset is your mental mobility you can wiggle in and out of places A snake couldn’t manage to squeeze into and you go up and down easier than a slinky.
A gemini will pop up in a photo taken in the Himalayas and show up the next day in Naples. That’s the way you have to handle current vibes. To stay sane now you have to have some Cheshire cat DNA somewhere in your bones.

At the moment we are besieged
By Chiron, Saturn and Mars. It’s not that the whole world is against you, but it is as if you are under surveillance. Your mobility is severely hampered if not totally arrested completely.
Your disappearing act doesn’t work right now as if you’re trying to do your thing in a store window On Broadway at noon.
How to pull off a trick while everybody’s watching every move.
And remember that its not just Gemini.
A mutable square manifests is like a Cubist painting. It depicts all sides at once.
It plays with your head. It splits your images up so they are all playing at once.
Your mind needs to be rubbery and malleable to feel joy, experience pain and still view it all as part of the fleeting phenomena meaningful and meaningless at the same time.
Have a nice rest of the week.


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Ooof! C’est pas facile, ca! Ca veut dire que je dois maintenant me présente après mes annèes en cachette?

Cependant, l’art visuel que je fais en photographie et en collage consiste à briser des images et à les réarranger, comme regarder à travers un prisme. Comme une psyché brisée …

I’m a Gemini and yes it’s true. Doing the 💃🏽 dance!!

Gemini is the outlet for the planetary energies!

I certainly feel that way.

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