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Midmonth lunation:the art of living dangerously

What? You married a stranger?
Just kidding, But whatever is going on over the next few weeks
Maybe We can help

From the dark of the Moon to the new Moon October 19 and beyond

Every month the Moon, now depleted of the Energy imbued in her during the last conjunction with the Sun, returns to that great flaming orb to be once again fertilized with the powerful solar Life Force.

Days before lunation are profound ones. Although people are often exhausted on the outside, they touch into their own hidden resources on an more spiritual and psychic level.
That is how the dark of the moon is a rich resource of wisdom and insight.

Once again on October 19 The moon returns to the Sun, Seeking regeneration from the light of that orb and initiating a new cycle.
This particular cycle will prove to be unusual, mainly because the moon is seeking energy From the Sun in its Zodiacal fall, in major opposition with (an open enemy )Uranus.

To be victorious, you will have to use genius and originality, strategic discipline and spontaneity and deal with changes that occur at the last minute—

Remain rational and act with Justice  and  all will be cool

To probe deeper into the mystery of this lunation


Comments (1)

A stranger, hmm
Might be a good for me
As for the adult life I’ve
Lived to care and give and listen and wait with great faith…,no regrets
I kinda need a foolish nite , like at 17,when the only thing important, was making sure my folks believed
I was at chapel praying:
And being part of this beautiful Fall night sky
Hmm,could I, should I get strange

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