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The eclipse of august: breaking the spell

Today the Moon will pass over 28 degrees of Leo, retracing the path carved by the Total Eclipse of this past August that swept over the entire United States, followed soon after by Venus and Mars.
Remember this?
“What a plot twist!
“What an emotionally charged initiation on matters of love, image and personal life style we have just all been put through:

It shed light on your personal search, an honest intimate connection and will take guts to process.

If during the eclipse you have been able to express yourself from the heart, take heart.

Understand that with Venus in superior conjunction
separation is often involved, with inevitable parting as people must go their separate ways.
It is not about being loved, but loving, Keeping in mind that nothing is forever.
This eclipse has awakened your your most primal emotional needs.
What matters from here on is that you’ve been able to show true feeling.
Loss, surrender, and all the stories of love and death written on all the pages of history are the source of all creativity and thus live forever.”

Listen and you’ll keep dancing.


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Makes sense. Worrying about my homeless brother – 58 years old – right now paying for a hotel room, but can’t afford that. I don’t want him back in a shelter. Is it my husband I will leave – he promised my brother could stay, then told him he didn’t want him here after 2 months (bro worked on my home and gave money – not a bad person); or is it my brother who will leave with nowhere to go? I’m so sad.-

Wonderful post, as well as a “Light Bulb” moment.
Thank you!

That music and that song in particular was perfect for today’s understanding.
Looking back at my life. .with all the twists and was for me at least, all about the need for acceptance, love and approval of my mother, family etc. Now that she passed away near my birthday last year during the eclipse season of 2016…it closed a lifetime of whys….with answers to secrets I never knew existed but the puzzle is complete and dry eyed indeed…I look to tomorrow’s with no regrets, but only forgiveness and love…of mom and her choices.
Thanks Michael..well done indeed.

This has been a very tough year in most aspects. The worst part is that it robbed many of the ability to dream and thus self- actualize the future.

Laura Gray Hollins


Your reading today was as spot on as any astrologer would desire to capture this particular day and emotions. I found you through Brenda Bush, and so glad I did. You seem very interesting and always a pleasure to run across birds of a feather. I signed up for your Facebook. Be well..


I keep thinking, yes, this is indeed about separation: separation for some by wind, flood. fire, and bullets.

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