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Pluto and Neptune in ‘18 and beyond

With so much uncertainty floating around, politically, economically and, God knows,— it’s not only the world situation, more than ever you’ve got to keep your head together in your personal life.

Certainly you must have noticed how easily it is to become distracted just at the moment when you need the most focus and attention to what you are supposed to be doing.

The forces of Pluto (and Saturn) in Capricorn and Neptune (and Chiron)in Pisces operate completely differently and tend ti have you wobbling from stern resolution to self-doubt a good part of next year.
To make sure projects don’t go half-finished and commitments are not treated carelessly and shabbily,
I think we should all be aware of this restless Back-and-forth bounce, and get a good glimpse of how these vibrations can work together.

The bottom line question to answer will surprise you with its simplicity between your responsibilities to the world and your responsibilities to yourself.
PLUTO/NEPTUNE IN 2018 And beyond: Putting your faith in something that seems impossible and ridiculous

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just one question:
quote: “There’s a process … it requires our acceptance of pants
up in reality most people cannot yet accept.”

Is this like Sir Terry Pratchett’s “Trousers of Time” from his Discworld books?
Do we need to need to be in the correct leg of the trousers?

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