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sagittarius: You just gotta wonder

I swear  we should all take a lesson from Sagittarians. From Nero to Lil Fizz —Only they can  go through a Saturn transit and when you ask how they are… “I’m fine!“ Inside? Could be maggots in a pail but Outside?  Just Fine.

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my moon and saturn are in sadge and although just finishing my 2nd return, I’ve been ill for 6 years, lost my home and have no money, and just been diagnosed with breast cancer, I’m still kinda hopeful….think my natal planets in sadge help keep the demons at bay somehow!….

But if you ask them the right follow-up questions right after, “How are you doing”, the maggots come spilling out very quickly. Especially with Sagittarian women.

So,so,so true. I could not describe what I felt like inside,you have nailed it.Have been your follower for many years and have a lot of faith in your predictions.Now I am ready to get off the “fine plateau”.
Thank you

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