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So what’s with the monthly?

« Cool… so where is the monthly? Where is the weekly? Where is everything? It used to be one way on this site now it’s every which way… What’s with this site?“

Well after about 18 years I think it is, plus the 3 million words I have written in Astrology columns since then, I am now seeing more value in other ways of communicating as well as 12 sign columns. There’s a more effective method as well to impart Astro info other than the same old same old.
The new site, including LUPOVICI‘s, is just finding its way and new modes of expression, so I thank everybody for hanging in there as we go along.
We’re in the process of figuring out how to make this site a two way communication say on some level.

So where are the monthly and the weekly? Now they are sometimes under the monthly, or the weekly, but it other times they will be embedded in one of the special alerts, the dailies, and even under Astrotainment. Why?
Since I made the change to WORDPRESS from the ancient and hoary dreamweaver, I’ve had some exciting realizations that took me only about 25 years and 3 million words of writing monthly and weekly 12 sign columns to determine. That demands deviating from the old missionary position of traditional Astrology columns.
So by way of explanation let me say this: no matter how many times I try to explain how the Astrological month cycle, which begins with the Sun Moon conjunction, which most of the time does not fall on the first day of the calendar month. So it’s never really clear unless your Astro savvy.
The weekly messages contain various messages that are often served up Best on the daily or special alerts. And even the weekly and the monthly are sometimes embedded on the daily—all that to say thank you for bearing with these deviations from the same
old methods and watching how Michael evolves.
That’s why the January monthly worked all throughout February and February monthly which we published as this latest solar eclipse as a restoration from the lunar eclipse, began the new cycle on 15 February couple of days ago.
I’m working towards making this more relevant than ever and that’s going to require some fiddling.

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Thank you Michael Lutin !!Turning a monologue into a dialogue …???

fiddle away master mikey

Michael…row your boat ashore, or wherever! I’m with ya, Honey!
They’ll catch on…

I love the concept, kinda like getting a prize in your cereal. Thank you

Oh, I get it! You want me to change! And grow! And maybe even learn? Lemme think about it. 🙂

I’m pretty new so I am learning the site presently <3 Exciting times .. "Hi Michael"

Change, Change, Change! Nothing is permanent….. I get it! Thanks for the clarification…although at times somewhat very confusing to navigate the site after following you at least 20 years ….now but I’ve learned alot…. totally worth it..😉🤓

….. remembering the old page… those potent few lines centered down the middle of the page with a weird but perfect image with it. Sometimes only an image with a caption. Easy access, short and hard hitting. Us addicts need our old fix back!! 😄 whatever I’ll survive but I’m gonna make damn sure I’ve got all your books now.

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