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Sun Venus Pluto: A “Love Story”/ Elvis, North Korea, and you


Somebody is going bye-bye. Has to be. A rare superior conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Pluto is about to take place right now. Not only does it present triangles in relationships, but it leads to permanent changes in all alliances.

In fact, it hits not only Kim Jong Un, North Korean’s Supreme Being, but even after all these years in hiding, even Elvis Presley gets involved. ( They share a birthday.)

And, most important, it deeply touches you and me.


Now you have to understand what a superior conjunction of Sun and Venus can mean, even without the powerful effect of Pluto. There is a profound connection between parent and child with that conjunction. There is always love involved. 


Seriously, mainly because many different scenarios can manifest during this conjunction. It is always love, but in this case  love at a great distance. Somebody is called away by a powerful force, and yet, like Elvis, leave a great legacy behind. For good or ill.


This planetary configuration denotes a deep bond between people, but also a huge gulf and separation. Life paths diverge. At this time the Venus Sun conjunction is occurring in alignment Pluto, so it will prove to be 100 times more intense. In many cases this will increase the possibility of a love/hate triangle or highly charged melodrama.


The distance issue is crucial here and might be simply geographical. Sometimes even death adjusts the picture, but in the long run, it doesn’t seem to be able to separate the people at all. Someone, however, who plays an integral role in the relationship leaves or goes away either temporarily or permanently.

Astronomically it is mainly because the Earth and Venus are separated by the Sun—, Venus is traveling on the other side of the Sun. 


On a personal basis this effect will depend upon your particular Sun/Venus position in your birth and progressed horoscopes.

On a global level it will impact everybody you read or hear about, mainly because we are all going through the same exact vibration. For you privately and personally, however, the specific effect will depend on the angle of Sun and Venus in your birth and progressed charts.

It is unusually powerful this time – – no joke. Somebody is noticeably going to be absent from the table. Absent but still present, I should say, just like Elvis is. Now we do not want to blankly categorize this as a love-hate relationship. It is, however, quite complicated. It is a completely unthinkably impossible liaison, as ridiculous as it would be for Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to stop Bickering over the size of their penises,   fall madly in love with each other and open a dancing school and teach the Tango.

Although…..don’t be surprised by anything.


With Venus and Pluto there’s a semi, sometimes trashy but often tragic twist, full of unavoidable, absolutely inextricably bizarre entanglements.  I don’t believe that any person is ever the wrong person at the moment, but in these situations is usually the “wrong” person who stimulates an ironic love story in your life that makes Romeo and Juliet and the guys over on Brokeback Mountain seem like a laugh riot.


But we should not dismiss this as a bad adventure or merely the result of Astrological mathematics. It is in fact a highly noteworthy exposition of one’s own evolution in relationships in both business and personal life. 


It is significant that whatever is going on in your life right now takes place around the time of the Sun Venus Pluto configuration. And at the birthday of the North Korean leader and Elvis Presley!  But that’s just a crazy coincidence. 


The real significance here is in your own emotional life and the changes in your relationships. When we say that Pluto always brings devastation, we are not always talking about something evil like nuclear bombs or earthquakes. 


Got to say that this type of devastation in this triple conjunction compels you to comply with and act on a truth of life, a truth of your life that cannot be avoided or denied.

So it can be devastating in the sense that a person who is a game- changer in your life as you are in his or hers will have shifted your focus and their focus and taking you on different paths. And in the most ironic way this event will show you a side of love you don’t see every day of the week.


It challenges your notion of what love is, was, or could be, if things were different. Fact is, things are not different. You are presented with an impossibly complex situation you may try to deny or work around, but it will demand your compliance to an inescapably, inevitably, inexorable truth about love and separation.

This is a love story about unbreakable bonds and absurdly impractical unions. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not to be, despite any witchy incantations, prayers or manipulative interventions.

And if it is to be—if through this Sun/Venus/Pluto event the Universe wills it to be, then the bond will not only persist, but endure for an unforeseeably long, long time to come.

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At last. This is the news that my entire lifetime has been building up to.
All those years of hard work and directed introspection can now be brought to bear.
No doubt the hard work has only begun, and will be required now and well into the future.
But — though I be no perfected sentient being — I won’t be perfectly prepared —
but at least I have prepared as best I could.

My annual membership, in my opinion, just paid for itself. Thank you many times over.

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