2018 February

27 Feb: Don’t blame Pisces!

We love Pisces. Without Pisces just think. We wouldn’t have music, or God or cocaine or anything. But let’s face it . With the way so many nice normal folks have been excusing themselves for taking a bite of this and a sip of that, If you don’t do something about your indulgences, Weight Watchers will be forced to close its doors. If you are all but utterly “yinned” out at this point, as the Moon gets full in Virgo,
don’t Alcoholize, ALKALIZE.

It is already happening. The secret can be found on pages 24-26(and following) on Booomm!!, Oct 9, 2016. Re-read it now then make a note of these dates and see…

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25 Feb: A few more words for you Tauruses about Aunt Tillie Tillie

Aunt Tillie whom I loved very much. The doctors informed her she had an inoperable, incurable form of cancer, and at most had a couple of months to live.
All the relatives cousins, sisters- –
everybody,made a pilgrimage to visit Aunt Tillie, because they knew they would never see her again.
Seven years later all those relatives who had come to visit her were, sad to say, dead and gone. And Aunt Tillie? She took herself down the Grand Canyon on a mule.
Apparently the doctors knew everything about her case except one thing: she was a Taurus.

22 Feb: Taurus Uranus, 12th


Taurus, Taurus Rising posted 22 feb 18

The next twelve and a half months represent the most profound spiritual journey you could possibly imagine.   You’ll find yourself hanging on and letting go at the same time.  So get this message now and keep this on your fridge till the second week of March 2019, maybe it will help you get off sugar, I’m serious.

22 Feb: The Saturn transit: everybody’s pain in the ass

Saturn in Capricorn  forces you to get the hell  out of bed and meet your commitments. Even though some days it all seems dry and lifeless and cruel  and heartlessly strict,  full of meaningless, unfulfilling bullshit, hold on. Stick to the path and you add polish and sophistication to all your efforts. This  will bring lasting admiration and respect from friends, colleagues, associates and those who can influence your life for a long time to come. You may think those things don’t matter, but at the other end you’ll be grateful.

20 Feb: Take a look at the January monthly

Even as the Venus/Mars/Neptune has passions flaring, Scroll down to the message from december 31,and you can  see how months overlap as planets repeat the configuations of the Uranus Pluto vibration over and over, I guess till we get it into our heads. enjoy.