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The Saturn transit: everybody’s pain in the ass

Saturn in Capricorn  forces you to get the hell  out of bed and meet your commitments. Even though some days it all seems dry and lifeless and cruel  and heartlessly strict,  full of meaningless, unfulfilling bullshit, hold on. Stick to the path and you add polish and sophistication to all your efforts. This  will bring lasting admiration and respect from friends, colleagues, associates and those who can influence your life for a long time to come. You may think those things don’t matter, but at the other end you’ll be grateful.

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As someone with a first house Saturn in Capricorn, I can verify this is absolutely so. Discipline equals freedom.

My Saturn is in Capricorn in my Natal chart and I take this very seriously 🙂

With a Capricorn Ascendant, I can absolutely confirm that, although Saturn’s stern taskmaster face may often feel like a godawful drudge, (especially to this Gemini Sun!) that same countenance can bring rewards unimagined if we keep one foot moving in front of the other, day after day, through the muck…and all at once as we start yet another day of the same old seemingly endless trudge, we find our feet stepping onto the golden brick road & Boom! there’s a rainbow & a pot of gold. Now, facing my 7th decade, I damn well appreciate Saturn’s whip cracking at me daily for all those years & can only say, “Ahhhhh…..Thank you, Old Man!”

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