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Venus Neptune: getting drunk and getting naked?

This week starts off with Mars Square Neptune Neptune square Mars,  which I remember getting scared about when I was first learning Astrology, just because the book I happened to be reading  defined it as  CRIME AND CRIMINALS!

It is deviant of course, and does show a fascination sometime with the glamour of the underworld. It is also, however, the spiritualization of the primal aggressive instinct. So it is as much about reform as it is nefarious activity.

The highlight of the week brings us closer to some of the major vibrations of 2018, which we have already talked about ad nauseam and will continue to do so throughout the year —that is —the Chiron Neptune Pisces transit .

By the middle of this week I always like to see Venus and Neptune in conjunction, mainly because it proves that even the coldest, most hard-bitten materialist can act like the goofiest total moron when it comes to love.

It is NOT,  I repeat NOT  Only about getting drunk and getting naked. It is also the call to a higher form of love that transcends distance and rises above the cheap in the tawdry. The only stimulant you need is the kiss of Venus itself








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I hope so. 2017/2018 has been rough and lonely for Scorps. Jupiter needs to bring on some of that magic everyone keeps throwing out there.

Mr. Cow Gazing Thoughfence

Thankyou..Another Scorpio who gets it..Scorpio is a mess of a sign. 🙁

I hope Venus kisses my life because bitter goofy moron here.

I have venus in pisces nattily at 29 degrees and this is solo …soooo emotionally painful…I’m kinda of in a bubble of service/sacrifice versus rage and frustration!

ha haa! I love my typo for ‘natal’ venus..says it all

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