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Arrrgghh! It hits you…

Aargh! It Hits you, hits me and hits everybody. It comes over you, right while you are doing something important – – like getting the kids safely on a school bus or writing a report that is due Monday morning.

It’s worse than a panic attack, mainly because pills or coffee don’t help. No matter how hard you try or how hard you pray, it’s still there. The South node rising above the Sun right now, following the lunar eclipse, doesn’t help you feel cozy or confident in the morning. Fact is, you can’t feel much but the emptiness before you even get out of bed in the morning—no matter how positive, chirpy, perky or spiritually aware a person you are.

But it’s more than that. It is partially the awareness that you are trying to squish down something you have to deal with, something big and huge, something you can’t quite get your head around.

It’s the kind of thing that can wake you up out of a sound sleep and have you eating spaghetti at 4 o’clock in the morning.
In astrology we call it Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all operating at the same time.

It’s a world situation – – an economic, political, sociological tsunami you are transfixed and compelled to stare at and watch, because the whole dammed thing is going to hell and you can’t do a freakin’ thing about it.

Mercifully…After a bit the wave passes. You put the kids on the school bus can you go back to writing your report.
The undercurrent remains

It’s an undercurrent that lies beneath the daily messages on my site, as well as the weeklies and monthlies.
It’s the secret and silent vibe that is throbbing this entire year just below consciousness.
This week the Moon is dark in preparation for the Aquarius New Moon, but it spreads over the entire year.
In life it is the fact that you know damned well that, goddamnit! Some Major Shit is really happening, and you hope it’s good  for YOU.




Comments (5)

Your words are amazing.
How you touch on every day reality .
Like you really understand what some are feeling & dealing with.

You are the scuba master of astrology – your skill at diving deep into the undercurrents beneath the surface tsunamis is truly remarkable. Three bows to you.

This entire year … oh, great … and yet, it isn’t just me.
Spot on, Michael, spot on!

Spot on Michael, i did actually experience that a few nights ago. i could not sleep so, went to the kitchen at 3:am and made porridge and toast?
Thank you for your good work. Much love and gratitude.

this whiplash, whipsaw week had my head spinning and spinning.

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