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Dark of the Moon week 12 february


Yeah, I know, the South Node of the Moon, should be called the south no-no. It is the point where we all have to release our tensions, but no matter how hard we try to be good little angels at the North Node, a lot of South node behavior ends up being self-destructive and compulsive. And before the new Moon at the end of this week Luna will pass over that South Node again.
Just sayin’.

The world is not stable now, in fact, don’t look for consistency and any label. There’s a whole Lotta shaking going on. It’s a shaken baby syndrome and Earth is the baby.
Or should I say the global finance.. Geologically, Earthwise, no fooling, there’s a definite wobble and instability with people, some be sliding off the edge like pennies and a tilting plate.

Socially, politically and economically don’t look for nice and neat. As we said in the message sharp turn ahead, , spontaneity, genius and quick response to reversals will be key not only to prosperity but your actual sanity.

This week of the dark Moon is the last few days of the year of the Bird, before the Dog comes strolling through the doggie door. Saturn still rules the Sun and Moon from the last lunation, at least till the end of this business week.

So get out of bed no matter how you feel—motivated or shitty. Once you are up and functioning you’re back in the game and trying to beat, or at least meet, the competition in this survival game.

Some people claim I’m too raw and dark and even negative, but is this not a reality now? Do you not see that there are forces at this time attempting to rise in power and gain control of just about everything? You think that is silly?

There’s plenty to be happy about—-falling in love, looking at the flowers, having sex, kissing a baby, but we have to be hip to all levels.

We exist in what we think of as a three-dimensional world. We think that time goes forward with our clocks and that’s that. A lot of people consider it hard to grasp that there are many more dimensions to our existence and that time is a measure of where things occur and not always when they occur in a linear calendar way.

But never mind that for right now. Will deal with that later. For right now the past is the past and you should try hard not to let what happened before creep up on your ass like a crazy driver banging his bumper against your car on the freeway.

Don’t look back if you can help it. The approach of Pluto to its own South node and with Saturn both in Capricorn occurring simultaneously while Chiron is approaching the end of Pisces — Will cover that later — may be tough to deal with, but take it from here: it may be hard to deal with but it will keep you going.

For now this week the Moon is dark. It means that we are still playing off the January lunation and the South node in Aquarius until the new moon at the end of the week.
So we are at the end of a lunar cycle and this time the Moon must pass over the south node before it reaches the sun again and sends us the Light to go forward.
Meantine that dratted South node reminds us all what can happen when we let our unconscious run our lives..
That will happen right around Valentine’s Day.

So we are reminded of our previous goals and agreements and the ruptures that occurred, regardless of whether you believe you have outgrown your own bad habits, surpass them or you’re just plain bored and you wanna act out.

But the dark of the moon no matter how you try to escape still holds you to a framework that you may believe is limiting or crushingly boring, but one that provides some sort of regularity.

This is fun but maddening, too, because eventually no matter how conservative you try to be with planning the future, you know you’re eventually going to have to throw away the book and just plain wing it.

Keep plugging away at your life. That’s all we can do now, hang in there. Unless you prefer to say “screw it, and let the whole goddamn thing come down.“
Yeah, but that doesn’t work, Because you still have to get up in the morning.

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I absolutely feel this. Hoping all clears for a celebratory feeling by Feb. 19th. Was blessed with a ticket to the Dominican Republic, to accompany my sister who is a stroke victim. I need all situations jovial or at least controllable!

“The past is the past and you should try hard not to let what happened before creep up on your ass like a crazy driver banging his bumper against your car on the freeway.” – Absolutely dead-on, thank you! There is freedom available if we can but see it.

Thank you as always.Lots of love xxxL.

This description is the best I’ve read of the current zeitgeist. So many of us are feeling these energies, and Michael’s description puts all the feelings into words that reassure me I’m not going completely insane. Michael, thank you for sharing your gifted use of astrology with us.

Watching the show, and some people haven’t quite figured out “its” coming …..
been on the way for a long time. Thank you for the confirmation and wisdom

For me, there’s an underlying sense of apprehension. I’m not comfortable in my skin. Thanks Michael for your great astrological expertise and sense of humor.

It’s great to be positive, but I appreciate honesty above all else. Keep it coming, please.

Feeling it.

“Don’t look back,” love it–thanks for the reminder.

Um yeah bruh……i’m feelin it. and in no way, shape or form is it silly.
keep bringing it ML

Well said. Thank you for sharing your interpretation – you are so right. This has been a very difficult time. Looking forward to the new moon.

you are not dark and negative u just tell it like it is which is why u r a real astrologer

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