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True or False weekly msg

For everybody and every Sign—
Some people admit it; others don’t dare. Look back to the message below next week and decide true or false: Thanks to Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Scorpio, you bravely soldiered on. And with a pretty darn good attitude, considering.

Deep down, however, as Chiron edged closer to the end of Pisces, you were also so absolutely exhausted, feeling so empty and tapped out, that all you wanted to do was rest.
But you couldn’t.

The minute you tried to stretch out and chill, Saturn in Capricorn shook you awake to remind you of all the things you should be doing, which meant forget napping and get back up on your feet.

Comments (5)

Heck. I can tell you I already feel exhausted and I am not even close to being finished with my projects. Hate to think what next week feels like.

Dorothy Blackburn

Thought I was completely burning out Saturday. Just sat on my sofa and felt like selling everything , stop working and running away. Today is better, hanging with my buddy, but still about to have a nap. It feels like the crazy ride of the last 2 years is catching up in every way. Somethings gotta give. I’m alive though and grateful for it.

New job, new house. Strung out just as described.

All this damn emotions and fears connected to other people Got me draind..and Im even aquarius with aqua rising, just give me a break for one damn day

losing my 16 yr old Phoebe pug, my friend, my fur kid was quite enough, thank you. needless to say, there was more, much more to follow. I feel as if I have been consumed by the sadness from the neverending story. I know being a taurus I am resilient, but enough is enough already.

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