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This is the most perfect time…

especially if you have a strong dedication, something you deeply believe in that keeps you going. Also it would be great if you were doing an outward Bound all-alone-in-nature type trip, where you can be all alone out in the wilderness.
Because that is what you’re going to need: periods of being separate to go over your whole life and ask yourself what the hell are you doing.

Periodically we have to go off by ourselves, curl up behind a toilet like a hiding cat. This is a purely existential moment when, even if you are at the height of your youth and beauty, and your fans are crawling all over each other to get a selfie with you, or your grandkids are crawling all over your lap, it’s still time to reevaluate your life and contemplate eternity, and for that you need moment of solitude.
This can be contemplation in its deepest form—otherwise it will seem as if you’re falling apart at the seams..

The change of this nature takes time and guts so you have to adopt a cosmic attitude. You don’t want to just enjoy your descent into madness or get lost in grief—of course not. You have the right to find your own joy and self discovery and achieve divine grace for yourself.

And remember this sometimes there just isn’t one right answer and you have to live not knowing what’s right and what’s smart. You just have to let go of the outcome.

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Been winding up and preparing for this time for at least a year’s worth of meditation and attempts at mindfulness.

Let go let God is my matra….whatever is your God. Been in seclusion for a year, other than being as calm and laid back as possible, with a predictive daily routine. I might stay in this zone.

Because of where all this transits me personally, your posts have helped and also terrified. I am the myst now, yet accutely aware of all in my sphere that simultaneously lurks darkloss and sings fat heremiracles. Thanks for the context, Michael.

Fits in perfectly with my anticipation of “retirement” and my fear of the unknown; moving away from friends, family and the northeast.

Slowing life down. There is peace in simplicity. Michael you INSPIRE because you understand.

Thought it was just me…

…..oh it is !

I have forever contemplated writing a book,as all outside
Disappears and my insides mill over
Have I been good? Did I do anything that I should have not?
Thoughts of this book appear. But a book should not just
Share it should have
Useful effects?
Still on outline
Beginning maybe easy
Middle maybe stuff that sticks, the close of thought?
Can I have a diving board?does anyone
Have good explanation
Of the eyes of March?

Thank you for this post Michael. It’s exactly what I’m doing, love and appreciate the validation. God Bless You for all you do.

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