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Sun leaves Pisces

In these last few hours of Sun’s passage out of Pisces may all beings suspend judgment, prediction and fear. May all animals and humans sleep in safety and peace. May doubt and confusion become joyous clarity. May guilt and worry be a thing of the past. May no harm come to any being with a true heart. May all doors be open to those with honorable intentions.May all efforts come to good. May all reports bring good news.

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May all your readings bring wisdom and understanding to readers everywhere.
May your blessings be many.

Amen to all of the above Mr. Lutin,
You are a true original!!!

Especially grateful for this message as I wave farewell to the Sun in my sign. With its forward motion I take comfort in your words and in knowing that no matter where the Sun is in its ongoing journey it’s never too far away to warm the heart.


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