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Snap out of it?

“You gotta get over it! You gotta get over it! Go on with your life! You’re not finished yet!”.
Sometimes that kind of pom-pom cheerleader encouragement could make you scream and feel worse, but right now, it’s absolutely true.
You gotta pull out of it. Why?
The transiting Sun, Giver of Life, separates from Chiron and enters Aries.
Nobody’s denying you’ve been through one hell of a psychedelic acid trip.
It should at least have brought you to the Realization of how ridiculous and stupid it is to focus on the most absurd dreams, fantasies, and petty concerns When life is so preciously and brief!
It has been a mind expanding experience the last few weeks, and it’s not over yet. But at least you can begin to pull away from the pain and get stronger, which you are already doing. As you begin to separate from the pain created either by external trauma or the creations of your own mind, your head begins to clear.
Whether it’s been a case of real live events, unrealistic expectations or self torture about horrible things that have not even happened, you now live more fully, more deeply involved and committed, and able to enjoy how much you’ve got to live for. Three cheers for that.
You’re alive! You’re alive! You’re alive!

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Hurrah ,hallelujah and yes alive!so precious so brief
There is so much to be grateful about,there are so many options ;good time to scratch some off the list.Not knowing
What you want is ok and it becomes easier as you shorten the list, at least know what you you absolutely don’t want ;check

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