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TTHE NEW MOON IN GEMINI Infuses the four weeks ahead with the Gemini energy especially in the house occupied by the sign of Gemini. The use of the solar Chart  allows us to speak to a lot of people at once but if you know your rising sign you should always find the house occupied by Gemini.

No matter what sign you are and what the planets are doing, remember that Gemini always finds a way to take a breath and sniff out a route that eventually takes you where are you are wanting to go, even if that means 11 1/2 side trips along the way.

Personally, I usually enjoy the skitzy  aspects of the New Moon in Gemini, mainly because I can switch identities from one hour to the next. I have to admit, however, allowing my Dark, sociopathic self to pop in and out at the most inappropriate moments is a little disconcerting.
You, too.
When you’re alone especially you’ll find yourself saying the most outlandish things whether you just think them  you say them out loud. And I think I’m such a perfectly normal person most of the time.
Just step back and listen to yourself sometime when nobody’s home. Thank God nobody hears you, although I guess you can blame it on your dog talking, except It’s hard if you don’t have a dog.
The New Moon  in Gemini,  here we are in 2018,  is especially full of playful mental hopscotch, because it happens with the ruler of Gemini which is Mercury at 0° cancer. So all month it’s a jump back-and-forth between seeking Calm, peace and security and then, bam, fully participating in the madness of the retrograde Mars and Neptune.
Pretty damn confusing and wacky, mainly because impatience will get you nowhere. Slamming your foot down on the accelerator and you’ll
“Rear end” the guy in front of you. Try to convince the cop who stops  you that you were not DUI, just goddamn mad you cannot jump start your life and get out from under the wave that is threatening to drown you. You Gotta know that if you stay calm enough, and just do the next thing, the next tiny step, you have to take, the next job, you have just take it, slowly and deliberately,  you will be OK. Except for the fact that you have no idea what that next step is, except yes you do, you don’t want to do it, But you have to. That’s the sort a new Moon it is- -you’ve got wiggle room, but not much.
Capricorn Capricorn Rising
So you will bounce between looking for that warmth and security in intimacy (that’s the mercury in Can er) and then turning around and being in 50 different places at once.  The effects  of Saturn  and Pluto Pretty much override all other influences, so your focus on yourself and surviving and thriving are the primary drives to which everything else is secondary.  The focus on the sixth house renders work and health  High on the list of priorities however, but as rushed and overloaded as you may be, kindly remember that fast food only makes your intestines rebel. And with Saturn in Capricorn as well as Pluto you can metabolize only a decent diet even when you while  trying to serve the needs of everybody else.
Virgo Virgo Rising
Must keep busy, must stay healthy, must not d viate— the typical Virgo stress— propping  up your professional image, not just showing up or phoning it in, but proving that you are right there up front, doing your scout’s honor best to save the world and tell everybody about it. Keeping That is sort of bushy-tailed energy is often a chore if  you’re down with a cold and  you have trouble getting out of bed in the first place. Do people ever disappoint you? Are you still so naïve that you idealize relationships no matter how many times the lights go on in your head?  You may not be able to forget all the internal boiling and roiling,  but no matter what,  get out there and prove you’re a pro.
Taurus Taurus rising
Gemini in your second house is about the movement of money. I believe they call that liquidity.. Everybody wonders what makes you so attractive to money and the things of this world even though It’s not really the money. It’s all the great things money can’t allow you to do and have and the pleasure of you enjoy. As acquisitive as your sign is supposed to be, you know how to keep trading – trading in the sense that as stubborn, and unbudgeable, as members of your sign Are reported to be, around Gemini time you know how and where and when to move your assets and  get off your butt and hustle.
Gemini Gemini Rising
Most Geminis, maybe you’re one of them, were born with the natural gift of  what can be called shapeshifting. That’s the talent that has helped you to slither in and fly out of places, usually just before calamity happens or the law closes in.
Now that you are facing some of lives “bigger issues“, you’re thinking bigger and examining some more serious existential questions. But you haven’t lost your playfulness and quick wit the way so many  people of other zodiacal signs have. So it’s a definite plus that you can flip channels and move your head quickly from subject to chat subject And not get too heavy or spooky, in spite of the tricks that your mind maybe trying to play on you. As long as you have some mobility and perspective and I have maintained your power to communicate with other humans the connection will always keep you going.
Libra Libra rising
If it’s possible some sort of travel would be beneficial now, mainly because a new moon in the ninth house gives you itchy feet and the desire to see new places. It’s not always practical or even possible, however.Tap into your higher mind  now and keep it there. Maintain an optimistic  perspective which will help you stay positive, even if other people claim  you’re not being realistic. We know you have family preoccupations, but you still have to let your mind go free.You may have some physical problems yes, but, Contrary to what a lot of people say,physical health is also dependent on your mental, spiritual  and philosophical attitudes, often ignored by practitioners of Western medicine who espouse “cold, hard facts of science“. Emotional aggravation with The usual hard aches withchildren not withstanding, try not to let anything stop you from dreaming that you can fly. Just don’t try that without an airplane.
Aquarius Aquarius rising.
We have all already been preparing ourselves for Mars going retrograde on the South node and its effects on your Sign, which makes it a little harder than usual to deal with you. It’s not just childish rage, yes it is, no it’s not, Yes it is, no it’s not. Your current  stubbornness may just be your way of dealing with your frustration. You’ve got to keep
seeking alternative paths to your goals, Even if they’re not totally clear right now. The more lighthearted, even comical aspects of life you can find will keep you buoyed up now. The new Moon  in Gemini and the fifth house is  supposed to be about entertainment and love and In the long run,understanding what a dumb joke it is to get worried about anything in the long run.
Aries Aries rising
God love us all nothing stops you. Even withMars retrograde or Neptune retrograde or anything retrograde, if you want to go you go. The fourth house mercury may help  you stay connected to family and home, but  you’re still antsy, due to a third house Gemini lunation keeps you moving and as restless as ever. You need the fresh air just as much as you need also to curl up in the house away from the weather. Inwardly there still the edge – I won’t say crazy, but sometimes we have to wonder if all that running running around that you do is just your normal Aries energy, or a way to Prohibit you  from sinking into a funk. Ruling planet Mars retrograde, is infuriatingly inhibitive, BUT…. when it goes direct at its exaltation point, you  will come out triumphant ——funk or no funk.
Leo Leo rising
Try not to beat your head against the wall trying to figure out the mystery of the behavior of other people, unless you’re getting paid for it. You have to be the strong one now , mainly due to the annoying fact that you’re not getting a lot of support. Be the best friend you can be, as empathic as possible, knowing full well your narcissistic side never sleeps even in relationships which no doubt have their problems now. It’s all momentary, of course, like Absolutely everything else in the universe that we know.Financial deals with joint finances have a shady side to them right now as well, , so stay as objective as possible  and try to keep things from getting murky. Lots of luck on that one. On the subject of sex and death anxiety, just keep busy.
Sagittarius Sagittarius rising
Yeah there’s some weird  barely define a bowl but none the less confusing issues going on in the family,  which makes your living situation uncertain,  and there will probably be some really odd cut off‘s in communication. And, With the economy so volatile no matter what they tell us,we all have  the same job and money hassles. As usual so many distractions and preoccupations are bound to interrupt your bonds with loved ones and associates. Don’t let that happen. Stay connected if possible , even with your exes. For you the point of sanity is always  re-discovered in touching into people and keeping the chatter going.  On top of  all that, the enormity  of financial challenges will diminish when you’re in constant contact.
Pisces Pisces rising
Not that you are going totally blotto this month, but the blur of Neptune’s  retrograde renders everything else around relatively meaningless, which of course it is.  Mars transiting the 12 house on little longer than usual because of its retrograde,  can present some very upsetting and unsettling situations.  For that reason  it’s a blessing if you can try to keep out of your mind  someone behind the scenes just trying to get you. At least try. When you perceive life From the comfort of your bed or easy chair at home, as antsy as you may be, it all seems ridiculous, from “dancing with the stars” to the potential world apocalypse everyone is talking about. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We should all adopt A more Piscean philosophy toward the cistence and we’d all be a lot better off.
Cancer cancer rising
The fact that Mercury has entered your sign at the same moment of the Gemini Moon in your 12th house is a wonderful blessing and saving grace. A new Moon  in the twelfth can make some  people pretty mental unless they’re spiritually inclined, and even then… Mercury in your sign in, however, provides you with enough inner calm and comfort food to stabilize you during all the changes and ups and downs of the capricious flutter Of the changing Moon. Your mind is partially adrift now, and that’s OK. Although it can be dizzying, the  twelfth house reserved for feeding your  imagination and  Exploring possibility. You’ll be a lot better off next month when Jupiter goes direct in your fifth house and the new Moon is in your Sign.
Scorpio Scorpio rising
 No matter what some people say whenever they hear the word Scorpio mentioned,  an eighth house lunation is Not always sexual. That said, if  truth be told, it seems you have actually been noticing people’s  asses lately while at the market or in the street. But we won’t tell anybody. The fact is, these days, considering where you are in life, the need for love and a spiritual bonding with your  kids or romantically,  remains  strong no matter what. On an earthly level the domestic situation is very iffy whether you’re moving or not, and your efforts need to be focused on reducing debt more than just a roll in the hay. Although… both would be nice however.

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Your insight is amazing and welcome! Love the new everything🦋thankyou…Pisces/cancer rising.

I second Vicki’s comment. Thank you! 👍❤️

Thank you again Michael,Blessings,Dennis

Amazing. I echo Vicki’s comment. Your insight into the astrology of now helps me so much, Michael. Thank you. Bless your beautiful heart.

Bang on…as usual. Thank you for the much needed and deeply appreciated moment of clarity.

I laughed out loud when I read Scorpio. Mike, How do you know? Are you watching me? Lol.

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