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There are no accidents. Oh, no?



Maybe not, but you cannot deny that mind-blowing events Often come straight out of the left field – Mars Stationary retrograde approaching a square to Uranus. Events connected with that aspect sure seem like accidents, so it’s often kind of hard to see them as part of a perfect universe. Anyway… Keep this message handy for several months.

Our world leaders going mad? In a way, yes, but actually no more than you or I. Planetary waves come over us all – passion, revulsion, anger, lust, confusion – and we all respond differently according to our own personal history and individual horoscopes.

The intersection of Chiron with the world axis – 0° Aries – presents a conundrum for everyone on Earth. Compassion versus aggression. Surrendering or fighting. Sacrifice or self-preservation. Peace or war. Everyone on Earth, each in his or her own way, now has a personal story, which, once resolved, will send him or her on a whole new course in 2019.

That means hard decisions for you and me. Hard decisions for world leaders too,who cannot really allow themselves to appear weak. In fact they are up against an impossible situation they don’t dare reveal to anybody, just like you and me. For you and me it is a personal decision which, at the present time , we are working through in our heads about 1000 times a day .

 On the subject of monthly messages you can see that I’m not doing just a monthly message here. Somebody wrote in and said, “what? No more free horoscopes?”

I had to laugh. First of all monthly messages have never been “free horoscopes”.

I have always been paid for my columns – at least until the Internet came along and publishing went caput.

Besides, they were never “horoscopes”. They were serious articles based on the solar chart for each sign.  Calling them horoscopes reveals a lack of understanding of what a horoscope is —a planetary chart drawn of the heavens at the time of your birth. The solar chart  is a powerful and effective way to communicate to numbers of people, Based on the planetary positions in relation to the Sun only in an accurate and specific way. “Free horoscopes? “Wish I could. But I am already grateful to my readers who have stuck with me as I myself am going through a great transformation in terms of how I want to present my material.

I too am seeking a better way to connect and communicate. My writing is going into a direction I’ve hope will be of greater meaning and clarity for-my readers.

Take June 2018, for example. It’s not just June. Its really until  October. Back a couple of months ago I suggested we watch Mars  at 0° Aquarius.  Not only does it signal a turn for the whole world which began on 9 November 2016. It is relevant for you and me on a personal basis as well.

Mars Stationary retrograde in  this month of June will go back over there is 0° point as well as squaring the planet Uranus twice before October. It is now that we look at it and see what it begins to mean. 

It is a derailment. Definitely a side issue that comes along and smacks you like “I needed this like a hole in the head” type thing.

Actually, it is not a side issue at all, but a pretty sizable event or  series of events or unexpected changes to cope with, straighten out,  resolve and address. It is related to a whole change in lifestyle connected to the Chiron at 0° Aries we’ve been talking about.

But you really have to take everything into consideration. For one thing it always looks worse on paper. Besides that, the direct motion of Jupiter in July  renders all aspects less serious since we see it’s all a learning opportunity and every experience is a fleeting experience in our fleeting journey of life.

These planetary waves pass  over us all as they come and they go. And when they are over we’re left with how we dealt with them. And that goes for the leaders of the world and the people next-door.

The agony and the ecstasy – no sense hanging onto either because it’s all here today and gone tomorrow. Keep that in mind.

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Naturally this affects your independence and your desire for absolute freedom from all restriction. With financial markets constantly going up and down, reversing every five seconds and so maddeningly unpredictable, such conditions requireyour quick thinking and ability to adjust to rapidly switching situations. Nerve-wracking fun.


You can expect a major twist not only in your personal and family relationships, but professionally as well. You could be catapulted to a new and higher level or turned upside down emotionally six ways to Sunday, being confronted openly by adversaries Who fight you tooth and nail so you have to be able to defend your position with cool aplomb. Anger shows weakness. Very anti-Leo.


The retrograde transit of mars in your solar third house  will probably affect your mobility somewhat,  And although you cannot predict what the other guy will do, drive sober and carefully.  And you’ll have to catch your breath to breathe easily in an environment that is somewhat unfamiliar  and weirdly unusual to your sense of  well-being. This signals the moment to take better care of your body. Work is changing also, and you have to change with it. Don’t speed through the yellow lights or take shortcuts. There are none.


Obviously your nerves are on edge but it can be in an exciting way. You are strung out tighter than  a violin string and caught up in a current you’re madly paddling just stay afloat in. Actually this is a great moment to do anything and everything you have been wanting to do, knowing now as you do that now and 0W is the only time any of us have do you do anything we want to do. Not tomorrow next year but now.


Mind and body. Both need looking after. If you want to stay on top of things and maintain your professional image, you’ve got to take care of your brain and deal with a metabolism that risks going out of whack. It’s too hard to stick to a diet? Think of the alternative.  The preoccupation with health is not new for a Virgo, but most members of your sign are generally a lot healthier than they think they are, but don’t want to deal with anything serious if it arises. To keep things from getting serious stick to the regime.


If you have children, their needs will make demands upon you you cannot avoid or deny. In any case no matter how rich you are, or were, there is some truth now to the old saying of getting blood out of a stone as the financial condition of the world affects you too—Probably for the better since you’re a Capricorn. Whatever happens will stimulate you in spite of every delay or obstacle to remain stable and standing.


It is a kind of crash that seems to definitely come out of nowhere. It will require you to think and act fast mars retrograde squared to Uranus can be pretty scary, but you are so much more resourceful and adaptable than most human beings. You come right out of the wreckage, brush yourself off, and go for a nice meal. This is the beginning of a more spiritual quest for you, and even though we were all going on our path, This begins a new era of your life where you need a lot more faith.


All Libras are facing many different experiences from high drama to spiritual ecstasy. Sometimes it is difficult to separate the two. Definitely this is a highly charged moment in the history of your life. Yes, you are grappling with the question of surrender versus self preservation and in some cases your life depends upon it. It’s not just about paying bills and staying alive. It’s still about passion and love and the hunger of creativity that fuels your desire to express yourself. Nothing stops that. Nothing should. Nothing can.



The retrograde of Mars  close to your South node, hmmmm,  That can get you angry seriously angry. The fact that you cannot move as freely as you would like could certainly render you more restless and determined than ever to insist on having your way with the universe. The smart thing to do would be to take your foot off the accelerator and recognize this is just a moment to move more carefully. You’ve got support from people who love and believe in you. Take it whete it is offered, even if you are grumbling underneath.


I can’t quite understand this configuration yet Mars is moving retrograde and your solar eighth house while Uranus us is in the house of friends. Could be problems over financial issues with friends sudden disagreements over money fortunes rising and falling I’m not really sure Jet is one of the issues, but it’s important to keep your head straight down and not be too rattled. Your job is still calming everyone else down, No matter how you feel inside.


With Mars going retrograde and your soul or fourth house it’s certainly about family and relationships and the place you live. Could be some lawsuits and strife, all kinds of irritations to peace and quiet. You’ve got to wonder why you have to deal with these minor things, when actually they are the normal course of events when you were connected intimately with people and have to keep a roof over your head. Fortunately when Jupiter goes direct and your Sign and  won’t give a damn about any of it. That makes you a winner.


At 12th house retrograde of Mars Is always difficult to deal with, mainly because you can’t be sure if people are really trying to do you in  or it’s your imagination.  If everyone had your ability to interpret events, we would all be a lot better off, even if toilets backed up and the lights went out. With Neptune in your Sign now,  You have to remember that while we have to deal with these earthly issues, in the long run none of it matters at all,  Except how we handle it.

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Since I found you, I have followed you. Then I realized you had done the Vanity Fair, which extended the time I have honored your knowledge and appreciate your suggestions. It is a science and a lifetime of learning, and I admire the process.

Thank you Michal Lutin! So grateful that you share your wisdom with us. Thank you.

Elizabeth M Mantis

Spot on for my Libra Friend, I mean every word so accurate, yes he’s a creative Genius. Thank you Michael!

We play this out together.

Right on Mike! Legal issues and I’m trying to keep a roof over my head. I’m certainly looking for peace and quiet! I have been waiting for Jupiter transit in Scorpio to bring me some protection and good luck!

Dear Michael,thank you for all your hard work,we are so lucky to have you,how you break it down there is no other,I respect and honor and value your knowlege,and you are so generus to provide us with the best astrology,I love you sooooooo much.

Judy m.

Hi Michael! I totally support your changes. I was sad when I couldn’t get weekly horoscopes, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. I started reading your column in Vanity Fair in the early 70’s when I was in college, and stood at newsstands for years just reading your column when I didn’t buy the magazine. When you weren’t in it any more, I stopped buying! I’m an artist too, and often don’t get paid for the work I do. I charge what I need to charge and sometimes I give things away! Your work is extremely accurate. I follow you, The Aquarium Age, and The Cosmic Path. Both of those astrologers have referenced you! I am so glad because you are my main astrological guy:). I’ve been changing my path (I’m 63) greatly in the last few years and becoming happier and happier. I feel you are doing just what you need for you and I support you totally! Thank you for all you do, hugs, Scorpio Deborah

Your skill is extraordinary.
I admire you so much.
Thank you.

Martha Miloscia

Michael, I have followed you for such a long time that I can not remember when I started. It started with Vanity Fair, I think. I can say with absolute certainty, there is no one like you and nobody does it better. I wish you’d consider doing a podcast so you can reach more people, not to mention, so we can all benefit from your incredible talent. Thank you for being!

Marta L. Miloscia

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