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uranus retros back into Aries


GRADUATION DAY 6 march 2019
The departure of a planet from any Sign  gives us the most meaningful delineation of an  entire transit, sometimes even more dramatically  than its entrance.
It signifies the culmination, the icing on the cake, the manifestation of the lesson learned, so you sometimes have to go back to the beginning. What was going on at the beginning of this transit, what have you learned and how have you grown from the experience?
I’m not kidding now When there is so much turmoil and confusion,You don’t want to totally lose it, no matter how often you meditate and watch your diet.
 In the next several months we are going to have two exits from size between now and early 2019: Chiron and Uranus.
For the moment let us focus on the latter. During  this retrograde Uranus will produce a wobble from 2° Taurus back to 26° Aries. This certainly affects Aries people, but we can can learn from it as well.
The passage of a planet from the end of it sign to its  entrance to the next teaches a final lesson learned. It tells us that before we plunge into the next great adventure, it’s useful to review the path we have traveled and assess our level of wisdom  from the experience.
 As conscious beings what else can we do? We have to see these things clearly to be able to cope with one curveball after another that comes whizzing towards us at umpteen miles per hour.
We say that everything happens for reason and a purpose. How else could we think about so many events, circumstances, and situations that pop up like a hole in the head.
Actually it’s only in retrospect that can we see these major course corrections and see how much value we gain from them.
6 MARCH 2019: Uranus Leaves Aries —-Graduation Day
So get out your Michael LUTIN folder, settle back in your  time machine easy chair and revisit  what we meant back in 2010 when we first published the following message.
Where’s the lesson  and have we learned it well?
If you don’t have the message for your Sign or Rising , get it now.

Offering it Thursday


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It’s been conjunct my 26 degree Aries Mars in the 12th, for ever… Lots of lessons learned, indeed. I will take a closer look at that, and the timings of things, thank you. 😀

Double Aries here. Thanks for the heads up.

God, ML. I truly cant believe this. Amazing. SMH.

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