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A solar north node eclipse is a planting time.

You can’t stand over it and scream,
“Grow, goddamn you! Grow already!”
Now Don’t bother it. Leave it alone.

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Your wisdom makes me laugh and smile every morning thanks so much. Bron

It’s picking time and Im exhausted from tending to thst dam garden. I dunno, I may plant spinach.

You were reading my mind. This month has been horrible for business. It’s like everything has stopped. I don’t get it.

I’m not 100% sure YET what I am nurturing! There are many irons in the fire. When I see growth, I will step back, though. (On another note, I am so glad that I found your site, again. I have followed you for many years!) 🙂

Hahahaha! That’s exactly how I felt yesterday in my backyard while mowing and watering plants!
Today it’s pouring buckets and I’ve been telling myself to just keep watering and leave the plants alone! This will help me relax a bit about one of my businesses that keeps frustrating me, and every time I think I’m not going to get a guest this week for my Airbnb a bunch of people pop out of the woodwork:). I am fixing an injured body, I think I will apply this wisdom to that too…
Thanks Michael, you make my life more understandable every week. Love you!

Susanne Schweiger

beautiful language as usual …

Well stated and apropos – thanks !

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