2018 November

30 Nov: Spirit weekend dont get spooked

Spirit weekend, so don’t be spooked if you have an unexpected vision,visit or a dream. They mean you no ill. Just the opposite. They come with love to help you mend fences and look back to the past with humor and good cheer. This is the effect of Venus at the Saturn-Pluto point of 1982-83-84.

29 Nov: We are already at war

Now all we have to do is face it, figure out who is fighting whom, and even more crucial, exactly Who is the we we are  talking about. The battle…

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29 Nov: What, no predictions yet?

 Of course I’m looking forward to 2019! But what do I have to do to get there, fall on the floor and start praying? I thought I was past that.”

28 Nov: Sienkiewicz’s novel

In addition to “quo vadis” the question to put to yourself privately as 2018 comes to a close,  it is also the name of a novel written by a Polish…

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23 Nov: Cazimi of Jupiter

Starting right now, During the coming few days while Jupiter is as if in the heart of the Sun, it will be wise to Identify with generosity and good fortune….

22 Nov: When Jupiter disposes of the Sun….

When Jupiter becomes the dispositor of the Sun, the situation, whatever it has been, IMPROVES. For this you must be grateful, and not start bitching and moaning because maybe not…

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