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Chiron’s Station Direct

Chiron has stopped moving backwards

and now prepares to move direct and propel you to your new path .  It now seems to hold you hostage, and  its not weird that you feel
unable to seize the moment and move ahead.
This renders a lot of folks panicky and desperate,
as if they’re running out of options
and getting stuck in a scary situation there’s no exit from.
Whether you’re into spiritual stuff or not and you don’t
have to be a freaking mystic, monk, or meditator,
but you must be able to look inside yourself calmly,
quietly and courageously, without screaming.
If you don’t know who you’ll be when this is all over,
who you are now and even who you’ve been –

You’re perfectly normal.

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This is so right-on that I don’t have a word to add.

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