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But Professor, that’s impossible!!

You can’t mean-you’re not saying…This Chiron thing—-can the entire human race be facing the Kobayashi Maru at the very same time??!!!”

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After 2 significant deaths within the past 18 months, my whole family is going through this. We now have no choice but to face the writing on the wall regarding the mess things had become, regardless of whether we ran away from it or stayed put. Our stories intertwined with or influenced those of others, and their effects have left lasting wounds. We can no longer ignore it now that 2 significant people passed, which has stirred many repressed matters. It is pretty close to being a no-win situation, and all we can do is walk through it as gracefully as we can.

To those who about to die (or drastically transform) we salute you.

reprogramming is the only way to win

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