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When Jupiter disposes of the Sun….

When Jupiter becomes the dispositor of the Sun, the situation, whatever it has been, IMPROVES. For this you must be grateful, and not start bitching and moaning because maybe not every single horrible thing in your life magically went poof! and vanished.
We are all in a process we can’t fathom and a very strange and in some cases painful or Incomprehensible
position now, so yeah, rejoice and be grateful.
Just because you’re too close and can’t figure out what the design is supposed to Look like, doesn’t mean Jupiter’s not doing its thing and working for you.
It is.

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Looks like satellite photos of California fires. Or maybe a whale’s eye mourning the mess we have made of the oceans and planet. Could be one eye of Mueller looking at … . I am grateful for breathable air, recycled plastic and clean water. I am grateful for hope. “No, they can’t take that away from me.” Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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