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A kiss from Venus

Venus direct at the end of Libra sends a kiss of joy and compassion to everyone in the world, especially a healing blessing for any who suffered back in 1983.

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You just made me remember. In 1983 I lived through a hurricane raging all night and dropping a tree on my house. I couldn’t hear my own screams. But I survived. Later that year while riding my bike I was hit by a car and thrown into oncoming traffic. Broke my leg but I survived. Then I lost my job and all my friends and had to move in back home, that dreaded place we all must return. But I survived.
Prayers for all who suffer. You will survive. It will all be OK.

my early 1980’s were proof that success and failure and treachery come as a package deal…often.

How would this transit affect someone who was born in 1983?

In 1983 I met the love of my life and today we’re still happily married. I will accept a kiss from Venus then and now.

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