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It’s the end but not the end of the zodiac

It’s not at all the end of the zodiac. Chiron is approaching the end of the zodiac after 50 years and this is a big turning point. For the last several months it has been the preoccupation of every single person on earth secretly and privately, and has impacted every decision they make I make and you make.
I have focused on this because it is the inner object of everyone’s attention now despite the numbers of distractions they seek to keep them from confronting the change that lies in front of them you included me and Me included
On 18 February Chiron leaves this position and will not be back there for 50 years.
It’s my professional opinion that  solving the deep inner choices and healing wounds  Is where the attention should go now not and look into all sorts of futuristic projections or distracting issues that keep you from the inner path that will guide you to better places.
This is my professional opinion. Period.

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A most profound and timely message during this eclipse season when so many are feeling lonely and polarized. Thank you.

I am off fb as its big and little picture have become an intolerable, depression producing distraction via its endless terrifying projections. Start therapy tonight haha, but for reals. Thank you Michael Lutin

Thank you so much

Two nights ago, as I walked into a CVS, the in-store music programming started up with The Motels’ early Eighties hit “Only the Lonely. ” Among the lyrics: “So hold on, here we go/ So hold on, to nothing we know…” Enough said. Many thanks and much love, Mr. Lutin.

This massage it’s a magic !
Explains excatly what
I am going through.
You are the best counselor ever.
Many thanks and blessings to you.

Perfect timing as always Michael! Came to the site after muttering under my breath about dealing with a younger in laws bad behavior all morning! Taking the high road without marytering myself or being nasty back while helping to teach a better way of life is a better direction for sure:) thanks for being here just when I needed good advice for the millionth time!!

Your focus on Chiron has really helped me in so many ways. Not only do I feel more confident about dealing with Pisces transits, but I’m making a conscious effort to trust myself in everything I do…especially if I want to get into a better situation. Thank you so much…

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