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At the end of the western zodiac…

we all experience frantic off-the-wall moments, more chaotic and challenging than what we have experienced in a long time, if ever.
We feel ourselves blown upside down and forward by a ferocious wind created of our own previous thoughts, choices and actions.
In our deepest deepest interior selves, however, lies the protection we seek. There ONLY in the quiet of our aloneness we will discover a higher connection with all beings, plus all the peace,calm and strength we often doubt we possess.


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I totally know what you are saying and how true it is – though we like to busy ourselves so that we actually not look at what we need to see and experience the most.
Thanks so much, Micheal for your wisdom and for plucking the very needed gems of guidance from the depth of the universe <3

Beautiful. This couldn’t be more perfect! I just came home with my toddler after taking her to see the stage production of, “Me…Jane”. I’m fairly certain you and Jane Goodall are operating on similar wave lengths!

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