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Healing Pain: 29 Pisces

PAIN and HEALING February 2019

Everybody gets hurt in life. It’s part of the deal. Even if you have the most beautiful horoscope with no afflictions at all, planetary progressions and transits will eventually enter everyone and complicate your plans. Planets will clash personalities, but eventually you have to believe that the truth  comes out and all it does get balanced.

In that process, joy will sometimes run into tragedy, but no matter what happens, you have to look for the justice in everything—without coloring the story in your own favor. Sometimes you’re going to get hurt in love affairs, jobs, health issues, money or anything else, no matter how right and true your heart is, some of the people you will run into will be downright mindless and without scruple or regard for your well being.
When it’s all over sometimes, you just have to face the fact that you have been stupid and foolish- – and very human.

Then, too, there is the proverbial piano falling from the proverbial window just as you are innocently passing beneath. It’s hard to see the justice in such weird synchronicity, but if you look you’ll eventually find it.
There are times when you want something really bad.  The person or thing you want is not exactly right for you but still you’ll do anything to get it, him or her. And you do for a while. Eventually however you have to face that it was make believe and it aches to see that nothing is forever.

And there we are right now.

We have all been hurt- -through sorrow, loss, death or disappointment.
We have come to a fork in the road. Such moments can be joyful indeed if you put yourself in the right mind to understand that even separations of love, though be sad and tearful, even goodbyes will open up a new path for you and loved ones who must go on their own journey.
If you can look upon this change as necessary to re-balance your life, reconnect you to your evolving authentic self, it automatically becomes less dramatic and even less heartbreaking.

Make no mistake about my intention here. I know what pain is.
I have walked down a path toward the ocean holding a box containing the ashes of my own private link to eternal love, murmuring aloud to my sobbing self, “don’t be afraid Mike there’s nothing to be afraid of. Just keep going and don’t look behind.“

Right now we have all been hurt and we have to heal. If you have tears left shed them now for what was and can never be again, or what never was and never will be. This is the nexus of our past and future existence on earth.

Right now as Chiron passes from twenty-nine Pisces to zero Aries, all artificial parts of you are falling away. Your cover is blown and you’re getting a chance to live your authentic self, it’s humbling to see the fantasy movie that was going on in your head for so long.

Because we live in a world of sensations physical and mental, we are forever seeking pleasure and fleeing from pain- – all kinds of pain: physical, mental and spiritual, the pain of regret. The pain of remorse, the pain of loss the pain of shame, the I-stubbed-my-toe-and-it’s-killing-me kind of pain—-all kinds of pain.

Compassionate doctors give us pills and injections to keep us comfortable and as far away from pain as possible.
It must be said that pain itself can be a crucial element in healing and transformation.

Like right now

Each of us in our own way privately deep down is going through such a process. Most of us are not talking about it because it’s so deep and so private.

There is really no escape from facing this pain because it is vital to our evolution as sentient beings and intelligent individuals. Whether it’s physical mental or spiritual, we are looking at our own truth naked and raw.
It takes guts, love and faith in our own physical, mental and spiritual growth. I believe that through this inner struggle we are solving is a long-standing issue and carving a path on which our higher self can travel.

When Chiron entered Pisces eight years ago, we offered a preview to every sign and rising a major clue as to what this period right now in 2019 would be all about and how to deal with it.  We are offering it again for those who don’t have it.

Again in November 2018 we spoke about it again publicly, which we recorded.
To everybody who does not have that piece of writing saved in their ML folder, and were not present to listen to that NCGR lecture, we offer it to you again now with gratitude for your ongoing support of this work.

May everyone know happiness.

And who says miracles don’t happen

PS And do you know anybody who should be reading this?

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Thank you, Michael. Your wisdim and kindness has helped me to keep going through some of the most painful years of my life. I don’t know if I’m a better human for experiencing such profound losses, but I have learned to keep the faith, and to understand that we are all in this together. Bless you.

Love you, Michael. Thank you for staying with us.

😊Thankyou Michael.. So glad to know this.. May each of us know happiness, peace, love and respect. May God bless all of us.

Ah…. thank you Michael Lutin. Your words are always helpful. I appreciate the sharing of your knowledge.

Michael 🙏🏼
Real tears are running down my face, I can’t make them stop, these tears are my Holy water. I am blessed.
You are the real deal, a profound teacher and healer.
Thank you

I’ll second that!

Wow. Just wow.

An astrologer, yes, but it’s your poetry that gets me every time❤️


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