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The Aries point: the chance to live again

OK SO THE DREAM IS OVER As we have been discussing  on this website, can we see now that we may have been “clinging to a life style that once brought… security and satisfaction but has now become a colorless, hollow ritual?”

Armed with the wisdom you’ve gained from the Chiron in Pisces transit, why be bitter. Be smart Don’t worry about becoming somebody- -you’re already somebody just embrace it and fight your way back. No more doodling Around- – Chiron at the Aries point: Fix what’s Broken in you  and gather all your courage and grit, to make the commitment and restore yourself to a whole authentic YOU. Move on it  NOW.  If you’ve lost a part of yourself find it again!New version of yourself wanted! And needed!

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…and how!!

Thank you for pointing us in the right direction, ML.

Love it Michael. Its so easy when we are in a process of transition, to cling to what was and disempower ourselves for the potential that can be created in the road ahead. All the best Catherine

Maybee the new version isnt so much unlike the old one, but the reason of all this behavior isnt faer anymore. this deepest of all fears: dear God, dont let it hurt to much. few days ago I found out: it woudnt have hurt. a hole live , with all behavoirs living in a fear about something, that never happened, and never would have hurt as much as this live did. and now I hope and believe, that this live in another home of treating others and myself will bring another fullfilment , peace, and all of this unendless things someone in heaven tries to teach us since so many years. Thank you for help on a very long journey.

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