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Suggested reading now—some people are mad at me.

Some people are mad at me. They assumed that because I made such a big deal out of Chiron at 29 Pisces, they figured that Chiron at the Aries point would be a baloon  and brass band celebration.

Well it is.   Read on 

But you got to say “I vow to manage my addictions so they do not control me.“

Now…..go on.

If you pour your heart out, confess your sins, cross your heart and hope to die and swear to give up your addictions, wonderful!

If, however, It’s just to get out of a jam  you are in, and still manipulating others and doing all you can to get other people to do what you want them to do, instead of changing yourself, then I feel sorry for you. Why? Because If you’re not sincere this time,you’re going to get caught up with your ass showing in the window.

This is the part when YOU  change. You don’t just try to get people to change. 

You change. 

In fact, for everybody in the world this is the last kick of URANUS In Aries (which to this point only the LUPOVICI’s have seen it.)

But for now just read this message. As I say….

Some people are mad at me. They assumed that because I made such a big deal out of Chiron at 29 Pisces, they figured that Chiron at the Aries point would be a baloon  and brass band celebration.

Well it is. 

It’s a celebration that you’re still alive, 

and as Long as you are still alive you have the power to change your destiny. Chiron is always humbling, but it does give you a chance to recoup.

Where ever the sign of Aries falls along your horoscope wheel you’re very much alive right now and be getting a look at a new phase of your existence and personal growth.

So don’t lose heart if you feel a little lost now. You’re definitely wondering WTF “what now?” And there’s always that little voice in the background to remind you what a loser you are. Don’t listen to that.

Fact is, it’s never easy. With Mercury going retrograde at the end of Pisces you will still want to slip back into some of your old escapes. But in your heart you know that they don’t work anymore the way they did. So yeah, yeah, you’ve only got yourself to blame and all that, but don’t waste too much time on that spinning wheel.

Gotta realize the impulse of Pisces is both necessary for Our emotional and spiritual well-being,and at the same time they can be dangerous (Will get back to that later) , 

With Chiron now in Aries and the planet Uranus about to enter an earth sign, it’s profitable you are taking brave action to save the day. (You should probably read your planet Uranus in Aries messages that we offered a while ago so you can see how far you have come in the last seven years.)

Especially since the time when the world started falling apart between 2006 and 2009. It’s valuable to to take a final look at Chiron back for the same reasons.

Just have faith It’s all doable. Chiron in Aries may  cause your collapse but quickly helps you to recover. Grateful to have narrowly escaped catastrophe once again, you say to yourself, “Holy  shit! I better get my ass in gear.”

And you will. A lot of it depends on how you conduct yourself from here on in.

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Just face the music…and dance!

To say that you are different from others in the study of universal experience would be inaccurate, because that would be a comparison to knowledge framed by our history and limited expectations. You transcend those limitations, and not just through the written word of the message. It’s as if within the words, you express a Knowing that the divine spark in all species and in all encounters will see, hear, remember, embody what it Knows beyond the frames and scripts. I cannot imagine how many <>’s you receive in one day, but I’m sure that each one —whether consciously or unconsciously—has an equally long-winded expression of gratitude as this one, that we’ve reduced to that simple phrase. Your precision reaches beyond words—to that place where we have to acknowledge, anche quando non sai nulla, lo Sai. Thanks, Mikey 🙂

Guilt keeps us separate, don’t it?

Always Mikey ‘ You Just Nail it ‘ …1000 Thanks to shine a light on way ahead so I do not Fall into a Ditch ( well at least I cannot say I have not been Warned )🙏🌺🌴🌈 Intense Times Ahead ..Blessings & Light To you

So, I just yesterday gave away the rest of a whole pack of cigs I just smoked my way through, over the last couple of weeks.. You spyin’ on me???? Haaa!!!
Point taken, thank you… <3

Oh, and 2 words, “Michael Cohen”. You really nailed that whole thing with this, I feel.

he died for our sins, that little rat. personal growth is personal change. yes, thank you once again

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