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Good Morning, Fukushima

that Chiron is about to be passing directly over the mundane Uranus of

the Fukushima event of 2011. Interesting if something comes up about that, like if the real damage done back then will be revealed.

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Goddess bless this world
And give us grace

WoW… I am about to reveal an ending to a situation that began in 2011 to the Nemesis’ whom took advantage of it and made my life incredibly difficult.
Much damage was done and I didnt see it coming.. I forgive them and wish them peace and healing and joy.
I pray they take it with love and let go of the past they clutch so tightly and bitterly.. Michael, you are always so right! Thank you!

I believe the media is ignoring many things that should be known, they seem to be caught up in how to get rid of a duly elected president insanity. there was a time good journalism was boots on the ground, not group think opinion. I remember only one astrologer who suggested this media suppression of what that melt down means to the earth and the waters, is a matter of Uranus,Pluto and Neptune. she is the only one who continues to monitor the real story. the pacific coast line is being littered with debris from this, and the edict to not eat the fish seems to be normalizing in the population. I do love how you put in parable how the heavens speak. Be blessed in your great works.

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