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Of all the holidays We celebrate, religious and otherwise, Mother’s Day is the most fraught with emotion of them all.

Whether you give into it fully and submit to the impact, or you pretend it’s all a lot of nonsense and go off by yourself to the movies for the afternoon, it hits you in your deepest core. It reaches into your unconscious and whispers in your “third ear”.

I believe that it activates  the planetary aspect you probably didn’t even  know you had experienced:  the sun Venus  relationship (prenatal)

that energizes the emotions of all beings everywhere, no matter how you got here or who brought you.

I call it the sun Venus prenatal soul point,  but you could give it any old name. It pushes the button of buttons,  of all time. The whole spectrum of feeling, bar none.

You don’t have to rush off and try to calculate yours, mainly it operates whether you know the astrology of it or not. No matter what your astrology chart says, Mother’s Day, at least here in the US, is a biggie

Even if Mother’s Day was not started by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself, but got its first belly kick, as some people claim, from the Hallmark Card company, this is a holiday that touches everybody.

Because we all had a mother. Because we all had a different mother.

 Try to imagine what HER childhood was like.


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This is truly profound.
I certainly found my mother’s photo and I always wonder what her childhood must have been like. She’s been gone for ten years now but she is with me everyday.

Thank you.

Thanks. Today is my mother’s birthday and she has been on my mind all day. I miss her.

My mother was a child of divorce following WWII. We get our strength from her mother, my grandma, who bravely freed herself from an abusive husband at a time when this was not an accepted solution. I miss her. I will see my Mom tomorrow. Never take your Mom for granted. Thank you Michael.

My mother’s birthday was Sunday, my daughter’s was yesterday, Mother’s Day is Sunday. The Taurus trifecta. My mother died when I was 14, almost 34 years ago. My daughter has struggled tremendously with a particularly fraught hand. There are almost no pictures of my mother’s childhood or mine. I exist in a river of entwined love, grief and mystery. Maybe it’s why I like William Blake so much. Thank you sincerely for this – you get it.

My mom’s 107 yrs old and her short term memory and hearing are blotto; her vision is fading. She still has a quick wit, healthy appetite, and we all swear her hair is getting thicker! But the best of all is that she always knows who her family is.

Somewhat comforting thoughts for one with a difficult mother. Thank you and so pleased to connect. Thank you.

No image of Cruella DeVille so, no….mom’s not up there.

Ave Marie Guenthner

Mother is in early 80s. She is trying to forgive and release her childhood storm and now realizes what pain she passed on to us kids.
At this point it is about forgiveness and wholeness. The ancestors have moved forward for healing themselves as we dip for our present

No woman having a narcissistic rage, but at 98, I am grateful for my mother’s peaceful passing. Thinking about what her childhood was like has been something to recall…infact, you’re right, there is a primal connection with this honoring day. I’ve dreamt about my mother’s extreme need for attention, woken up with compassion for her shame and desperation, and gratitude that she is no longer here to leave me continuous venomous phone calls when I didn’t give her what she wanted. Time to heal.

My Mother came from abject poverty. She gave me all the skills I needed to survive and live comfortably, including good table manners. I honour her today.

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