10 Jun: G7 Gshmevven

Alliances are breaking down left and right as secret ones are forming. Pay no attention to the illusion of political parties. they’ve become obsolete. More likely, however,   The real game is the threat of   potential financial or ecological collapse. You must become cynical now and roll your eyes…

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04 Jun: Mars till October:a bumpy ride

Mars retro at the South Node in Aquarius when metabolisms go out of whack and frames are broken, rashes spread and rash action takes over, but Don’t let it push you to take nutty risks. ..Although you’ll probably have to This irritating transit gooses you into action, Even if you…


06 May: Coup? Coup? Who talkin’ coup?

When the coup took place…Mars was where the Moon is now. And Mars is approaching that point in the next several days signal the harbinger of revolution. It’s subtle but  Watch for it.

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09 Apr: Hey, where’s everybody going?

  What’s with all this quitting-your-job-and-moving-out-of-state business? You think life’s going to be wonderful just because you change the scene? Stay tuned for more on the astrology of That.


17 Feb: In case you forget

   Chiron end of Pisces, this is what it means: There’s a very faint line between Ecstatically doing it for love no matter what the result because God and the Universe are guiding you, Or/and Beating yourself up for being so goddamned stupid. Just sayin’ not kiddin’

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07 Jan: Absence makes the heart fonder? That’s for sure

The whole week and probably for many weeks afterwards this is a major theme. It’s not just for Capricorns even though the conjunction Venus sun and Pluto took place in that sign . It makes the monthly message for January more profound more meaningful and more lasting.  You should reread…

20 Nov: New moon between Scorpio and Sagittarius

Whether you believe in the theory of evolution or not, something did happen and is still happening. Some intervention of some kind has occurred to produce the spark that continues to elevate humanity. In astrology we call it the ninth cusp, or that point right now just ahead of the…

05 Sep: Pisces: Gotta love it

VIRGO PISCES FULL MOON The terminator line between reality and fantasy is blurred. It is vital at least to attempt to sort out rationally the events of the last several weeks. God knows I’ve been hounding everybody to be alive and aware of the fact that your life has moved…

12 Jun: Weekly reader: Time to make the donuts

Although the word “nauseated” is probably more grammatically correct for the general feeling this week, I prefer “nauseous”. It’s so much more descriptive. During the week when Sun opposes Saturn, squares Chiron while Mercury the dispositor of the Sun squares Stationary Neptune—yeah nauseous is a good word. Like the guy…