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More occultations and decisions that affect us all

Over the next several days as we approach yet another occultation of Saturn/ Pluto,  secret meetings, strategies and negotiations you’ll never hear about, are moving  toward culminating resolution which will affect us all.

You may not realize what’s at stake here. This isn’t just a couple of  drunks in a  bar at closing time, haggling  over the last piece of pizza.

It represents a desperate fight to the death between human idealism  and cold-blooded cynicism.

It’s a battle  over territory and who owns the world.

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Help. I hope the good guys win.

I believe . . .

Whoever isn’t in that room is so screwed. I’m assuming it’s a pretty small room so that means most of the human race.

As usual, I will expect cold blooded cynicism to win out then!

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