2019 July

29 Jul: Dark Moon in Cancer

Preparing to face a bright new dayweekmonth adventure ahead. Just not quite ready to get up and leave the comfort your little blankie.

28 Jul: Finish it later….

There’s no better time to walk dizzily and aimlessly from room to room in your house, wondering what the hell you’re supposed to be doing and when exactly you’re going to get to it,
than a void Moon in Gemini disposed of by retrograde Mercury. Like today.

Damn! I started painting that  wall this morning, but then I don’t know what happened. I think the phone rang.»

28 Jul: Israel and the August New Moon?

The August New and Full Moons  of 2019 fall  in a 90° alignment With the positions of the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1948, right smack in the horoscope of Israel. The…

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25 Jul: Know the rumor I heard?

So that its lovely canary music can last forever, some bird lovers  actually   prerecord  their song. I’ve heard that there are some canaries that can actually bury  a treasure…

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24 Jul: Confidential to Paul Ryan

  You are  definitely coming back. Your political career is far from over, so don’t get rid of all your nice clothes yet.  This is probably the toughest moment to…

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