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Get out there and show ‘em how it’s done!

YeH, I know we may all be going through our own (saturnplutoprivate) tortures of the damned, but dammit, This Leo Sadge energy’s got to be good for something! So haul your ass out of mothballs, grab onto your authentic self, and show the world what you got!

So Come on! Put it out there! Don’t just lie there in the dark! Where’s your Life Force for this August? Where’s your passion?  Where’s your Light? May all be  creatively energized by  the flaming Power of the Sun Venus conjunction   ( include Mars there, too)

EVEN IF THERE IS SEPARATION FROM A LOVED ONE IN THIS CONJUNCTION and life carries you in different directions,  you are enlivened beyond words. 

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OMG! My giggle for the day! There’s Sadge for you….make people laugh. And Leo too; the Entertainer. Something has to get you through the gloom.

Hahaha! You had me at the photos!!! Better than words. But thanks for the words; especially ‘get ur ass out of mothballs’ !!! ❤️

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