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One parent doing the job for two?

One way or another we bet  you are …2019 style

Have you any idea how complicated it is to run a business and keep a family together at the same time? Yes of course you have an idea of it because you are doing it right now.

It works out on many levels, and that’s what this month with solar-lunar eclipse energy is all about. 

Sometimes people write to me and tell me they don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but if you Just stop and think a minute and wait to see , it always clarifies and defines what’s really going on and how to cope with it.


First of all we all know that the pressures of business are closing in on everybody. Whether  you have a job or not l, whether you’re in industry farming, manufacturing or retail (whatever that is these days). Even if you’re a housewife or a house husband and your major concerns are getting the kids off to school and getting the laundry done,  you’re either still dealing with business directly or  you’re dealing with the person who’s dealing with business.

If you’re a career person, free and single because you didn’t want that has hassle of marriage and burdensome relationships hanging off you, you’re still very much attached to somebody or parents or Some long-term connection that you’re trying to get closer to and run away from at the same time because it’s all about

The Cancer  Capricorn axis: deep and lasting emotional bonds and attachments. 

The Capricorn side of this opposition, however, reminds you that nothing is forever and you better get yourself together financially because of what may lie  ahead of us economically and socially.

So when I say that during this eclipse in this opposition of Cancer Capricorn, one person is acting like a parent for both, you have to stop and think about whether you’re in a relationship with a living person or not, whether you’re single and enjoying it or not.

there is an issue here that must seek balance between professional life and personal life. Everybody needs a balance of both.

The issues of money,real estate, worldly success on every level cannot be escaped now, because the pressures of the South node with Pluto and Saturn demand attention in your earthly life. 

At the same time the north node in Cancer  with planet around them (although they are quickly moving away)  brings you up short when you try to escape your personal and emotional responsibilities. So it doesn’t matter if you’re widowed or divorced or you just recently hooked up with the  love of your life, every situation is a battle between your practical head or your loving heart.

Intimacy and objectivity abhor each other, and we are kidding ourselves to think that we can devote ourselves to one  to the exclusion of the other.

So consider yourself lucky if you’re running from the office (very important meeting and could not miss) zooming across town to pick up the kids at school, or any combination there of. The idea of business and money can easily steal you away from your personal needs.

Now‘s the time to strike a good balance between home and work. Family  and all of his constellations have to fit the times.

This is the 21st-century and it sure ain’t the 50s anymore.

Check the solar eclipse message if u dont have it:

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Had to read it twice to see exactly how this is affecting me. Yes to all of the above and thank you for confirming I’m not crazy and how my mind has changed about so many things in 24 hours. Whoo this one is a doozy!

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