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Hidden meanings and thickening plots 10 aug 19 and beyond

About this big meeting coming up, corresponding to the declinations of Moon Jupiter Saturn Pluto and  Node, I wouldn’t exactly say this is a Jedi Council meeting assembling for the good and welfare of the Galaxy.

It’s more like a bunch of coldhearted pricks determined to own the whole kit and kaboodle, and if the collateral damage includes the lives of millions of genuine humans, that’s show biz. There’s too many of them anyway.

Although, there are members with a heart and real   blood who don’ t lie around on a beach drinking Mojitos under a broiling Sun to get regenerated, and who  do not see Mother Earth and surroundings as a juicy piece of real estate to be gobbled up.

But maybe

El Paso and Dayton weren’t random events. Maybe somebody was trying to draw attention to those two towns. It’s all more bizarre than mist people dare to know.

So our Fate gets decided now at meetings like this, does it? For the moment, looks like.

But the next page of  our growth and  revolution has yet to be turned.

Definitely stay tuned.